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Transgender Children Research Papers

Transgender children research papers discuss the recent change in acceptance level of parents realizing their children are transgendered. Sociology research reveals an increase in the number of transgender children being treated psychologically and physically for sex reassignment. Get a custom written research paper on any aspect of transgendered children, such as:

  • The sociological implications for labeling a child transgendered
  • How the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community provide support for transgender children
  • The psychological and practical decisions involved with transgender children

Many children and adolescents are beginning to identify as transgender. Transgender children face numerous and unique challenges that are not necessarily faced by transgendered adults. Transgender Children

  1. First, children are dependent upon parents for financial, physical and emotional support.
  2. Second, many doctors are reluctant to provide medical treatments.
  3. Third, the process of “coming out” is not accepted in many parts of the world, making gender identity a troubling and conflicting issue.


Transgender Schindler's Vulnerabilities

Transgender children are vulnerable to a number of negative outcomes, including increased substance abuse, suicide, and sexual assault. Some of the hardest areas for transgender children are in schools, where they can be subject to bullying, sexual harassment, and physical assault, in addition to isolation from peers. Some studies have indicated that approximately half of all transgender children have contemplated suicide.

Doctors are generally reluctant to provide hormone therapy for individuals under the age of 16. Some individuals have attempted to obtain such hormones illicitly, putting their lives at risk. There are also increased levels of unprotected sex among transgendered youth, increasing their chances of acquiring an STI. Additionally, many transgendered children have gender dysphoria, which results in distress about one’s anatomy and leads to negative self-esteem.

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