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The Therapist-Client Relationship

How do you start a The Therapist-Client Relationship research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Whether you are a sociology or a psychology major, you will have to study the roll of the therapist-client relationship. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any therapeutic modality, this relationship can influence success up to as much as 70% of all factors involved. Therefore, a research paper on the therapist-client relationship is an excellent way to explore the factors involved in this delicate and nuanced relationship.

The Therapist-Client Relationship

Factors that one will want to take into account when researching the therapist-client relationship include the level of comfortability the client has with the theoretical orientation of the therapist. Both the client and the therapist must be on the same page with how they plan to achieve success in counseling. The chosen technique the therapist imparts must also be one that does not threaten the client or cross lines of trust and compatibility in the therapist-client relationship. Your research will find that trust and empathy are very important parts of the therapist-client relationship.

Another aspect to touch on when researching the therapist-client relationship is the role of the therapist in understanding the needs of the client. In a terrific research paper once written by a Graduate level student, she focused on the therapist pretending she was the client and trying to view the issues through the eyes of the client. This is an excellent way to experience the emotions and even traumas that the client is conveying. It also opens up the therapist to the cornerstone of any good therapist-client relationship – empathy.

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