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Research Papers on the Theoretical Foundations Of Nursing

Research papers on the theoretical foundations of nursing are custom written at Paper Masters. Nursing is our specialty and we have many nursing writers that can help with your theory based research projects.

The professional field of nursing has developed considerably since Florence Nightingale developed the first foundations during the Crimean War. Increasingly since the middle of the 20th century, a number of thinkers have contributed to the theoretical foundations of nursing. Many of these contributors have been professional, working nurses with insight into the larger purpose of the field. Theoretical Foundations Of Nursing

Nightingale and Nursing

Nightingale was responsible for developing what has come to be known as Environment theory, which held that unsanitary conditions posed a health hazard. Other major theorists and their theories include:

Orem’s Self-care model, for example, holds that activities performed independently by a person will promote and maintain their wellbeing. When a person cannot carry out self-care, a deficit occurs. It is the job of the nurse to meet the self-care needs of the patient by providing an environment that promotes the patient’s abilities.

Modern nurses combine both theory and best practice derived from personal experience and research. This allows a nurse to provide the best level of nursing practice, the method used to assess and diagnose. Without the theoretical foundations of nursing, the profession would be unable to achieve best practice standards.

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