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Research Projects Custom Written on the Theme of Othello

This is a typical model Literature research paper order on the theme of Shakepeare's Othello. Paper Masters suggests you include the following in your research project when discussing the theme of Othello:

  1. Discuss the author’s effectiveness in conveying his ideas. Use various sources to back up your ideas. Theme of Othello
  2. Discuss theme in Othello. What is the main theme? How is it developed?
  3. Is Shakespeare effective in conveying his main points?
  4. Is the same theme explored in different ways in different works of Shakespeare?

Genre and The Theme of Othello

Discuss genre in relation to the theme of Othello. Consider the following questions:

  • How does form impact meaning?
  • How does performance affect how we approach a play?
  • How does the poetic form restrict and/or enhance meaning?
  • How are even personal writings fictionalized.

Shakespeare's Othello is a play that is brimming with symbolic meaning. Othello is concerned with several themes, including jealousy, deception, and love. In each of these themes Shakespeare offers a struggle between opposite forces such as good and evil and appearance and reality, and black and white. A good research paper on the theme of Othello will examine the symbolism of black and white Shakespeare's Othello.

Symbolism is Othello

On a basic level, the use of color also symbolizes the attraction of opposites, as demonstrated by the mutual love of Othello and Desdemona. In another sense, Othello's blackness is a visual symbol of Desdemona's unique choice of husbands. On a deeper level, Othello's darkness and Iago's whiteness show that appearance is often much different than reality. While Othello and Desdemona are opposite colors, they share a great deal of common feelings. Similarly, while Othello is dark-skinned, it is the white Iago who is the play's embodiment of evil.

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