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Occupational Identity In Telecommunication

Occupational Identity in Telecommunication

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Research Question: Where and how does gender play into the configurations of occupational identity in telecommuting?

Your project should address the following areas:

  1. How our occupational identity is formed in telework based on the gender cues we are given from our peers, boss, family members, etc. Examine how telework is viewed now with the advent of men entering into this new field.
  2. Are communication patterns and views of telework changing based on the entrance of men teleworking? For example, traditionally telework was taken as seriously because it was viewed as women's work. Now since a larger number of men are entering in, how is the conception changing based on our communication skills.

Set-up of an Occupational Identity in Telecommunication Research Paper

  1. Chapter One: Introduction and statement of the problem chapter
    Describe and define the subject of the research proposal. State the need for the study, its benefits, the need for its findings, and its context. Introduction does not include literature or methods.
  2. Chapter Two: Literature Review
    Following the introduction and problem statement, discuss relevant literature found in peer-reviewed journals to inform readers about the base knowledge in the field prior to the study. This chapter synthesizes the research and not just summarizes it. The chapter should establish research themes and issues. It should set the theoretical foundation for the study. Furthermore, it should define concepts and variable to be used in the proposed study. It must be thorough and comprehensive, but should not repeat content of the first assignment.
  3. Chapter Three: Methods chapter
    Building upon the content of the first two proposal chapters, this chapter provides description of procedures proposed to collect data for the study. In this chapter, procedural explanations are based, in part, in the literature. Therefore, a methods literature review is part of the chapter. Keep in mind that methods literature might constitute a different body of literature from that cited in the second chapter. It is essential in this chapter to discuss all procedures and provide a rationale for decisions to gather information. Analytical approaches should be addressed also. Complete drafts of any questionnaires, interview schedules, coding sheets, operational definitions, and so forth.

The Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industry is one in which companies are attempting to gain profits through both economies of scale and scope.The increased number of cross-boarder mergers is further fueled by the costs of providing services which is prohibitive to many start-ups. Thus, successful start-ups are likely to merge or be acquired by larger global firms.This combined with challenges of winning over customers to lesser known brand names, encourages consolidation within the industry.Further, the need to provide global end-to-end services fosters alliances and will be quintessential in the future.

In ushering customers into these new changes, the key will be in convincing local and small community phone services not to be afraid of the new technologies and to integrate telecommunication standards into their applications. For example, it will be difficult to have a ubiquitous internet connection if protocols are still based on antiquated systems that make services unreliable.

Once customers realize the benefits of progressive ideas such as IP telephony and the advantages of mobile networks, even for the home network, the clamor for services will be somewhat akin to the current desire for broadband. Servicing these needs will need to have a strong foundation in customer service and a solid customer relationship management (CRM) solution. As more complex technology is introduced, greater implementation services need to be put into place. A look towards technology again is the solution as software and system-wide applications are available for handling vast CRM needs.

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