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New Technology In The Workforce

New Technology in the Workforce

If you are looking for a paper that discusses how new technology in the workforce, i.e., automation, robots, computers, etc has effected the workforce, Paper Masters can provide a custom written one that focuses on this very business or MBA topic. Our writers can also examine more specific topics, such as how technology has effected the labor movement (unions) and has it caused a decline of union membership due to less jobs available or has it created more opportunities?

The wonderful thing about Paper Masters is that we are here to help you design and produce a project that is tailored to your exact needs. Below you will see an example of how to approach a research paper on new technology in the workplace.

A typical assignment is as follows for a New Technology in the Workforce Research Paper:

Write a research essay that presents an argument on the topic of your choice.

  1. You may wish to write about an issue pertinent to other courses you are taking or to your field.
  2. Choose a topic that will be interesting and useful to you.
  3. Use APA style and follow the rules and guidelines for citations (use paragraph numbers for online sources) and use of a reference page.

Other Things to Consider when writing New Technology in the Workforce Research Paper:

  1. Enter the conversation with your opinion, demonstrating an understanding of argument by incorporating the opinions of the other writers. For example, you may use the opinion of a writer with whom you agree to support your argument.
  2. Don't discount the power of refutation in supporting your argument-you may wish to refute arguments of someone with whom you disagree to strengthen your essay.
  3. Use 10 or more sources (include on your references page) and quote or paraphrase (use in-text citations with page numbers for printed material and paragraph numbers for online material) at least seven works from three or more types of sources (i.e., books, journals, newspapers, magazines and World Wide Web sites) as evidence of your thesis.
  4. Pay careful attention to incorporating your quotations, paraphrases and summaries using signal phrases to make them flow into your own words.
  5. Also be sure to cite clearly to distinguish your work from that of others.
  6. APA style to be used.

Research on Whether Technology in the Workplace is Good for Business

The proliferation of computer and Internet technology has changed the way that society functions. Whereas many personal meetings once took place in person or on the phone, the wide acceptance of e-mail as a principle means of communication has served as the basis to eliminate many of these personal interactions. Although technology has clearly made personal interactions more efficient, it is clear that it has removed a critical element of interpersonal contact. In particular, individuals who use e-mail to communicate no longer have to develop interpersonal skills necessary for successful verbal communication.

With the realization that technology can be both boon and bane to society as a whole, a consideration of how technology has shaped and changed society is warranted. To this end, this specific investigation considers the impact of technology on the development of the workplace. Through a careful consideration of what scholars have written about the utilization of technology in the workplace, it will be possible to trace the development and importance of technology in this environment. Further, by examining the impact that technology has had on the workplace it will be possible to understand the benefits and drawbacks that have resulted from the application of technology to the workplace.

Overall, the benefits of technology are principally geared toward the organization. Through the implementation of technology, organizations can cut fixed costs and increase worker productivity. While employees enjoy the benefit of telecommuting, the merging of work and home can be challenging for some individuals. Researchers have noted that not every worker best served by working at home. In some instances, workers can find it difficult to find a clear separation between work and home. This can cause a decrease in job satisfaction and make the worker even more frustrated with his or her job.

Considering the drawbacks of technology in the workplace as outlined in this research, it becomes clear that the disadvantages with technology impact the health and well being of the individual employee. As a result of using technology in the workplace, organizations have witnessed unprecedented increases in worker productivity. Although this should serve as the basis for helping employees cut back on their work hours, many organizations are using this increased productivity to garner even more work out of employees. As a result, many workers in the United States are working longer hours than ever before. With the realization that technology is often associated with improving quality of life, it is indeed a paradox that this has not been the case with technology in the workplace.

In addition to the fact that technology has created additional stress for many American workers, research also demonstrates that as technology is used by employees in the organization, the amount of interpersonal contact that occurs between employees is decreased. Communication becomes limited to what can be provided in e-mail and many individuals are losing their capacity to communicate with one another. Unfortunately, the problems with communication that stem from using technology in the workplace are also having an impact on society as a whole.

To illustrate this point, one author makes the observation that the use of the Internet is impacting the development of politics in the United States. According to this author, the advent of the Internet was touted as a principle means for individuals to become more politically aware and to more actively participate in the political process. While Noam argues the amount of political information available on the Internet has indeed increased over the last several years, he also notes that the Internet has made individuals passive in their discussions of politics. In short, because there is currently so much political information on the Internet, individuals have very little to discuss with their neighbors. As such, Noam contends that the process of political dialogue and debate has been lost as a result of the development of the Internet.

Other researchers examining the impact of technology on society have noted that the specific cues that are lost as a result of communicating via e-mail rather than in person or on the phone can lead to increased hostility among individuals. In particular these authors note that when individuals are forming relationships online, delays in e-mail are seen as hostile acts, when in reality this may not be the case. Further, once a relationship has been established, individuals have a tendency to idealize others because they are not able to see their flaws. This process can lead to the development of false assumptions and the creation of a relationship that has no real meaning or basis. When placed in this perspective, it becomes clear that the technology is not only changing the way in which individuals in the organization interact with one another. In many cases, technology is changing the way that individuals in society interact with one another. Technology creates another layer in the communication process that can notably change how information is translated. While technology can save time and money it can also lead to considerable obfuscation among individuals and organizations. For this reason, it is important for both individuals and organizations to understand the ways in which technology is changing fundamental aspects of social discourse.

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