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End of Radio

End of Radio

Research paper parameters for End of Radio Research Papers:

  • Use both primary sources (actual period documents and objects) and secondary sources (writing about your End of Radio)
  • Chicago
  • Using citations and bibliography - Must included two journal articles and three actual books, two Internet sources.

PAPER TITLE: "The End Of Radio" the coming digital boom, tomorrow's on-demand media future

-In a focused manner describe, deduct, and speculate about the specific product, POLK AUDIO XRt12, XM receiver -Based on the theory proposed by Jules David Prown, Mind in Matter: An introduction to Material Culture Theory and Method describe the importance of Polk Audio XRt12 and what it says about our lifestyle and on-demand culture.

Jules David Prown's Method (Description, Deduction, Speculation), Prown's method is to be used only as a style in which you discuss the product

DESCRIPTION for End of Radio Research Paper :(of the physical product, Polk Audio XRt12) Begin with largest, most comprehensive statement and move to more detail of the product Substantial Analysis: physical dimensions, materials, weight, size
Content: iconography, text, materials
Formal Analysis: "visual character": ornate or simple? Linear or curvy? Detailed or monolithic?

"Relationship between the object and the perceiver"
How does it tell us what it is for/what it does?
Sensory engagement: after external/objective analysis, what do we know historically, culturally, etc, that might contribute to an understanding of what it is used for?

What does it tell us about the culture it comes from? Discuss XM satellite radio ("An XM ground station beams multichannel programming to satellites 30,000 miles in the sky, the satellites relay the broadcast to the continental US, Repeaters on the ground spread the signal through urban canyons and other drop-out areas, tuners scan for unique activation codes to pick up a subscriber's selected channels, 136 channels, with 68 playing commercial-free music". from WIRED magazine) and on demand media Hypothesis (guessing): based on description/deduction, what characteristics of user, producer, and society can we come up with? Subscription based product, need and/or demand for such a service?
Research (external): investigating these "hunches" through primary and secondary sources.

Finding research sources in library catalogs and electronic resources.

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End of Radio Research Papers

End of Radio Research Paper delves into an example of an order placed on how the radio has evolved over the years and in different cultures. Technology Research Papers Available at Paper Masters.

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