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Communication Technology Or System

Communication Technology or System

Does thisCommunication Technology or System assignment look familiar? Many professors assign topics just like this and our writer's custom write each one.

One of the things that we have been discussing throughout the semester is the way in which new communication technologies have been changing the way in which traditional media industries work. This paper is designed to allow you to investigate how a specific new form of media may be changing the way the media system works.

Instructions for Communication Technology or System Research Paper:

  • Select a communication technology or system that has diffused within the last 8 years.
  • This means that DVDs and HDTV (both introduced in the mid-1990s) are just a little too old for this paper. DVRs and Netflix's subscription service, which were both introduced in mid-1999, just make the cut-off. Examples of topics that would be appropriate include portable music and video players such as Ipods & Zunes, digital satellite radio, and HD radio. "The Internet" as a whole is both too old and too broad of a topic for this paper. However, there are many specific applications of the Internet (i.e., blogs, networking sites such MySpace, video-hosting such as YouTube, streaming video software) that could be used as a topic.
  • Then, write a 4 - 6 page paper describing this new technology, explaining how it is used by regular people, and how it is affecting traditional media industries. In your paper you should:
    • Begin by defining your topic and explaining how it works. (You do not need to go into highly technical details. Just try to give the reader a sense of what the technology is and what it can do.)
    • Explain how users or audience members interact with the technology. What advantages does it have over older systems or technologies? Why have people adopted it? What needs or functions does it fulfill?
    • Describe how this new technology or system relates to the established media industries (such as music labels, movie studios and theaters, television networks and production companies). For example, does it compete with these older companies for customers, audiences, or advertisers? If so, what companies or industries is it affecting and how is it affecting them? Does it support these systems and provide them with new markets? If so, how?
    • Describe how these older companies are responding or adapting to the new technology or system. Be specific and provide concrete examples whenever possible. What are these companies trying to do in relation to the new technology? (i.e., contain it? make money from it? kill it?)
    • Conclude with your evaluation of this new technology or system. Is it changing things for the better or worse? Do you think it is going to continue to exist in the immediate future, will it fail, or will something better come along to replace it? Make sure to support your prediction with reasons and evidence.
    • You may consult outside sources to write this paper. However, all outside sources must be credited properly within the paper and in a works-cited page. The paper should also have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It should not be a collection of random thoughts or observations.

Communication Technology

This paper should be from four to six pages long. Among other things, these standards require all papers to have a to be printed in black ink and in 10 or 12-point font, and to have one-inch margins. All papers should be carefully spell-checked and proofread.

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Communication Technology Or System Research Papers

Communication Technology or System Research Papers delve into an order placed to select a piece of communication technology and explain what it is and how it works.

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