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Information Manager

Employed as Information Manager

When writing a research paper on being employed as an information manager, you may have to produce a report on advertising and management's concerns. Paper Masters can custom write any report you need.

A common assignment on being Employed as Information Manager is as follows:

You have been employed as Information Manager in a small research/study establishment air transport in a country of your choice and as part of your remit you are responsible for the management of the establishment's information resources which include specialist journals and monographs, research reports and a collection of multi-media material. The whole collection can be accessed via an online catalog (OPAC) and a subject index is made available to users. In addition to this, the CVs and research profiles of all research staff employed in the institution are in the process of being collected.

Your Task as an Information Manager

Your task is to produce a report advising on the establishment's future policy to information access. In this report, you should address the management's concerns as described below:

  1. The management are re-appraising the case for maintaining the existing subject index to the collection of documents with the view to explore automated indexing techniques.
  2. You are required to provide a balanced discussion on the merits of manual and automatic indexing, for instance, by highlighting the main issues involved in the construction of subject indexes and by explaining the main principles and theories which support automatic processing of texts and documents.
  3. You are not expected to provide specific solutions but you should aim to assist the management in their understanding of the issues at stake.
  4. The management have also indicated that they would like to create an electronic single point of access (e.g. a subject gateway or portal) to relevant Internet resources within the research/study area.
  5. You are expected to produce a design for the database, comprising a complete entity-relationship model: E-R diagram, table specifications, list of assumptions and constraints. As would be expected, a CV should include information such as employment history, qualifications, publications etc. in addition to personal details.

Referring to your knowledge of classification and controlled vocabulary principles, you are expected to advise on the classification approaches that will best serve the needs of your establishment and to provide a visual display of the following items:

  1. The lay-out of the proposed classification of your subject area
  2. A sample thesaurus entry
  3. A mock home page displaying a range of useful access points as well as links to searching and browsing tools.

Management have also expressed an interest in ways in which staff CVs and their research expertise can be captured in a database.

Information Manager Assignment

Each component of the assignment will be assessed using the following criteria:

Content: You must demonstrate knowledge of the main issues related to the organization, representation and storage of documentary information as well as the issues that pertain to its effective management in an online environment. You should show knowledge of the contribution of current research to tackle the fundamental problems of Information Retrieval.

Analysis: You must demonstrate a clear understanding of the relative importance of different issues and be able to comment critically on points, which are of major significance to effective Information Retrieval and differentiate these from more peripheral issues. You should not just describe the techniques but show a critical awareness of their strengths and weaknesses by providing examples relevant to your chosen field of research.

Presentation, Structure and Style: your work must be presented in a report format and you need to demonstrate that you can structure a clear report (with due attention to standard English grammar and spelling). When information sources are used, you should provide a section giving bibliographic references that must be cited accurately and completely.

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Information Manager Research Papers

Employed as Information Manager research papers simulate being employed as an information manager. When writing a research paper on being employed as an information manager, you may have to produce a report on advertising and management's concerns.

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