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Artificial Satellites

Artificial Satellites

If you are doing a research paper on artificial satellites, you may want to include the ideas you see below. The topics on this page give you an idea on what should be include in a research paper on artificial satellites.

Unlike natural satellites, artificial satellites are those objects that can be put into orbit for specific purposes and functions. The various types of artificial satellites available include but are not necessarily confined to weather satellites, navigation satellites, and communications satellites, research and application satellites and military reconnaissance or surveillance satellites. The architecture of satellites can vary in direct relation to the different purposes and functions that they afford. For example, a major telecommunication satellite designed for international application is likely to posses numerous antennas of varying shapes and sizes and complex feed arrays while a simple domestic satellite for program distribution would possess only one transmit antenna. This is page about research paper ideas on artificial satellites designed to gain an understanding of artificial satellites from a structural and applications aspect.

  • The use of and need for artificial satellites.
  • Types of artificial satellites and types of orbits they can be used in:
    • Weather satellite
    • Navigation satellite
    • Communications satellite
    • Scientific research /observation satellite
    • Military reconnaissance and surveillance satellite
  • Understanding of how each operates:
  • How communication satellites can broadcast signals all over the world
  • How GPS satellites work, how remote sensing satellites
  • Remote sensing in weather,
  • How navigation and military satellites work

Topics on for a Research Paper on Types of Artificial Satellites

Almost every satellite will also be equipped with components that help to control its attitude or orientation in space, not only to ensure that its antennas are pointed in the right directions but also to maintain its stability in response to disturbance torques and gravitational fields. These components include various sensors designed to detect and correct unstable variations in the satellites attitude or orientation in space and in relation to these various forces. All satellites must also be equipped with thermal controls designed to mitigate their exposure to large thermal gradients from the sun, thermal radiation from the earth, and heat generated by equipment in the satellite, all of which are removed with various components like thermal blankets and thermal shields

Types of Components and types of subsystems typical of each type of satellite:

  • Subsystem including attitude and orbital control subsystem
  • Electrical power subsystem
  • Solar panels and batteries sources propulsion subsystem
  • Telemetry tracking and control subsystem, body and frame (structure and mechanisms)
  • Environmental control subsystems
  • Communications and data handling subsystem, thermal control subsystem
  • Payload

Compare common components of all satellites vs. distinguishing components of individual satellites.

  • Components vs. subsystems.
  • What is the payload

Types of payloads:

  • Communications payload|
  • Navigation payload Total Navigation Payload
  • Remote sensing payloads

Research Paper Ideas on Types of Payloads Software

One of the most significant elements of any satellite as well as the most indicative of its purpose and function is its payload. Payload is the equipment that is carried on a satellite that allows it to provide the service for which it has been put in place. Although payload should fall under the discussion of common components among satellites, its defining nature merits its own discussion. Satellites carry different payload depending on their purpose. This payload might include but is definitely not confined to communications, total navigation or remote sensing payloads. A communications payload, for example, will consist of at least two primary components, the antennas and the transponders

Types of payloads software and types of software used in satellites. Importance of software in satellites will be discusses in Artificial Satellites Research Paper.

Types of sensors used on satellites:

  • Remote sensing senors
  • Passive
  • Active

How sensors work:

  • How they collect
  • Record data
  • Analyze data


  • What telemetry is
  • Types of telemetry signals
  • How telemetry signals are sent.
  • Importance and role of ground stations.
  • Types of antennas used in satellites. How are signals sent using antennas, transponders, transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, etc.

This information does not have to be in any certain order just so long as it is worked into the paper in a flowing manner in an Artificial Satellite Research Paper.

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