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Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom research papers report that today, technology plays a far greater role in the public classroom than it did even a decade ago. It has become undeniable that technological prowess is the great economic equalizer, determining which segments of the population will enjoy prosperity and success, and which will be doomed to obsolescence and left behind. Technology in the ClassroomAs a result, a wide variety of public schools have begun to implement various forms of technology into the curriculum. The thinking behind these measures is:

  • The greater exposure to technology will increase the ability of students to remain competitive in a job market that is largely driven by technological innovation. 
  • The ability to interact with technology in the classroom will lead to high level thinking at an earlier age.
  • Technology can assist the instructor and serve multiple purposes in educating across multiple curriculums.

Technology in the Classroom and Internet

The basic degree of familiarity and conversancy that will be needed to operate computers, the Internet, and related devices is known as technological literacy. Technology in the Classroom research papers show that by incorporating computers into the classroom, American schools help to ensure that even students from the most socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds will gain a level of technological understanding that will allow them to remain competitive within the job market of the future.

Technological Literacy

While less than a decade ago, the need for promoting technological literacy was not yet widely accepted as a valid objective for curricular reform; even the most conservative of education analysts now understand the necessity of this type of instruction and experience. Despite the fact that the most wildly exuberant predictions for “New Economy” prosperity proved to be inflated, it remains obvious that technology is the engine driving our nation’s current affluence and dominance, and that this situation will most likely persist in the future.

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