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Technological Literacy

Technological literacy can be defined as the ability of any person, working either individually or with a group, to effectively and appropriately use technology for a wide variety of purposes. These purposes include communication, problem solving, and/or accessing, managing, or creating information. Technological LiteracyAs of 2013, the Federal No Child Left Behind Act has mandated that schools ensure all students are technologically literate by the end of the eighth grade.

The information technology revolution that has resulted from the ubiquity of computers and computer-aided technology across society demands that an individual develops technological literacy. Adults in the modern workplace environment are required to process large amounts of information, as well as have problem-solving skills. Future generations of the workforce will need to develop innovative ideas through technology, as well as being able to communicate and collaborate with others across the globe.

It is vital to the survival of modern society that students be educated in technological literacy. Modern technology, based on the computer, has transformed human existence, from the profound to the mundane. In having technological literacy, an individual is able to choose which aspects of technology will actually benefit their lives, in addition to preparing the individual for any number of careers that are increasingly dependent on technology.

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