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Technological Communication Research Papers

Paper Masters illustrates the elements you will need to write a research paper on technological communication on this website.

You can follow our suggestions here or have one of our professional writers custom write your research paper on technology and society or any aspect of technological communications that you need.


A technological communications paper begins with a clear statement of the following:

  1. The industry you are studying
  2. Your reasons for studying it
  3. The focus you wish to take
  4. Specifically introduce your approach to the past of this industry

This information should be presented in a project proposal or abstract.

Remember that your research paper will be evaluated on the quality of analysis, original thought, focus, and clarity of presentation. All work must be original, except for material from clearly attributed sources.

Elements to Include in the Body of the Research Paper on Technological Communication

Provide an overview of the technological, cultural, and economic history of this industry, keeping in mind your focus. Technological Communication

  1. What historic events, social and economic trends, and technological developments are important to the development of this industry?
  2. You may also want to explore cultural context.
    1. Is this industry based in the West?
    2. Specifically in the U.S.? Europe? Asia?
    3. Has the technology historically been used in a particular geographic area or by a particular group of people?
    4. Has the cultural context of the industry changed over time?

Keep in mind that you cannot cover the entire history of an industry or topic. You will need to choose which events and trends are most important and decide how far back to go in time. Often, the time frame envisioned during the proposal stage is truncated here.

Finally, briefly summarize the main points of your paper and introduce the main ideas and goals you plan for the next paper.

Be sure to clearly cite your sources. Use information from scholarly books, journal articles.

Protecting the environment has come a long way since Ranger Rick was radioing smoke sightings from his fire tower. In fact, the fire tower has become obsolete. Utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) Global Positioning System (GPS) and satellite imagery from Google Earth, organizations such as Conservation International have developed processes to visualize, analyze and even anticipate, in real time, changing environmental conditions that may lead to an increased risk of forest fire from remote locations thousands of miles away.

The limitations of time and distance have all but vanished - but has there been a positive affect? Advancements in communication technology have increased the speed in which messages can be transmitted, but has the forest fire prevention and containment

I will attempt to answer these questions by examining when American NGOs first contacted authorities in South America for the purpose of fire prevention in the Amazon rainforest, what communication technologies were used to make first contact and how they were implemented to facilitate a fire warning system while considering how technological and language barriers were overcome. I will also explore the evolution of how the communicative process as technologies improved from the telegraph/telephone up until the initial adoption of email and TCP/IP protocol.

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