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Take a Walk in Your Town

Take a walk in your town and pay special attention to the buildings or sculptures around you.

Instructions for Take a Walk in You Town Research Paper:

Take a Walk in Your Town
  1. Pick one or two that you especially enjoy. If possible, take photos of them with your camera or draw pictures of them.
  2. Describe what you see in these buildings in detail as you did in the music assignment and marketplace assignment. This is slightly different though; focus specifically on the elements relating to this unit (i.e., architecture, landscaping, sculpture, etc.).
  3. In a two to three page paper, describe the buildings you chose in detail.
  4. What purpose do these buildings serve? For example, some are commercial, some are domestic dwellings, some are recreational, and some are for worship.
  5. What about the building drew you to it?
  6. Tie some of the ideas from the presentation and the text into your analysis of the specific building. For example, what is the building's relationship to its environment?
  7. How does its inside relate to its outside?
  8. What is the architectural significance of the building?
  9. Is it modern, classical, etc? (Use your readings from the textbook to guide you here.) Relate your work to concepts from previous units if possible.
  10. Your paper should include a conclusion about the affect of architecture on you personally or professionally. Perhaps you want to consider the architecture of your own office building.
  11. How does the architecture of your workplace relate to your organization or your attitude about work?
  12. Requirements

Describes in detail of the building, noting 2 to 3 characteristics in Take a Walk in Your Town Research Paper:

  1. Describes the purpose
  2. the architectural significance
  3. the historical period of the building.
  4. Analyzes the building using the concepts from the readings.
  5. Explains the effect of architecture on him or her personally or professionally.

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