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Symbolism in The Kite Runner Research Papers

Symbolism in The Kite Runner research paper due and don’t know how to start it? Have Paper Masters custom write a research paper on any symbol in The Kite Runner such as:

  • The pomegranate tree
  • The titular kite
  • The lamb or sheep

Symbolism is employed throughout Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. One important symbol is the pomegranate tree, which represents the childhood friendship of Amir and Hassan. Symbolism in The Kite RunnerAt the beginning of the story, the two boys enjoy the shade offered by the tree. However, Amir's cruelty and guilt leads him to throw a pomegranate at Hassan, an act that causes a rift in their relationship. When the adult Amir returns to visit the tree, he finds it barren and dead, just as their friendship is over.

The Kite and Freedom

The titular kite is a symbol for freedom and political change. At the beginning of the book, the boys enjoy kite running. The activity was popular during the 1970's. However, when Amir is an adult, he no longer flies a kite. The Taliban banned kites after seizing political power in Afghanistan. Amir only returns to his childhood pastime once he arrives in the United States, sharing the activity with Sohrab.

Borrowed Symbolism

The lamb or sheep is a symbol for the exploitation of an innocent. This symbol is borrowed from Christianity, which refers to Jesus Christ as a lamb. Within the novel, Hassan is described as looking like a lamb when he is raped by Assef. Hassan's innocence is frequently established in the story, such as when he refuses to retaliate against Amir after the pomegranate is thrown at him. Hassan's rape is a sacrifice that Amir believes will enable him to win the love of his father, Baba. Hassan is later sacrificed again when he attempts to protect Amir's house and is executed by the Taliban.

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