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Symbolism in Anna Karenina

Symbolism in Anna Karenina research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Frou-Frou, Vronsky's racehorse, is one of the most important symbols in Anna Karenina. The expensive horse, which Vronsky unintentionally ruins during the officer's race, is a clear symbol for the relationship between Anna and Vronsky. Symbolism in Anna KareninaThe horse appears in the book just shortly after the relationship between Anna and Vronsky has gotten serious and could cause significant danger to their reputations. When Vronsky learns of the dangers presented by the officer's race, he decides to continue even though several horses and riders have died in the event. Vronsky's willingness to confront these dangers creates another connection between Frou-Frou and Anna. The horse also represents Anna's strength and courage while showing that she is under Vronsky's control. Although Vronsky faces superficial dangers by entering Frou-Frou in the race and continuing his affair with Anna, Frou-Frou and Anna face a far greater threat because they are the ones that could actually die. In the end, Frou-Frou dies because of someone else's mistake. This unfair death foreshadows and symbolizes Anna's tragic death.

Negative Symbols

Tolstoy also uses trains as negative symbols that alter the lives of main and secondary characters in Anna Karenina. Anna, for instance, meets Vronsky on a train. She also witnesses the death of a railway worker and dies by throwing herself under a train, committing suicide.

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