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Swedish Daddies Research Papers

Unlike most fathers around the world, “Swedish Daddies” get to take paternity leave. Swedish Daddies is a concept or trend that has emerged out of Sweden, where fathers take a very proactive role in child care, especially with regard to sharing parental leave from their jobs with their wives or the mothers of their children. Swedish DaddiesIn this case, sharing paternal leave mean splitting as much as 14 months between however in Sweden it is actually mandatory that fathers spend at least two months at home taking care of the new baby on their own as a condition of their salary and of having the time off in the first place.

  • As much as 85% of Swedish daddies participate in paternity leave
  • Eesearch suggests that they are fully aware that being a stay-at-home dad is not the easiest job in the world.
  • Just as it is for dads across the globe who try it, staying home with the baby in Sweden means being on top of your game, aware of your baby’s every need and getting along with little rest.

Interestingly, the concept of Swedish daddies has been well received around the world, which has contributed to a greater emphasis on the role of fathers in childcare, even in regions where childcare has been traditionally reserved only for the mothers of children. Parents in the United States have demonstrated an interest in the stay-at-home dad trend for a relatively long period of time however until equitable parental leave policies are developed and implemented, it will likely be a while before American Daddies becomes a trending topic like Swedish daddies has.

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