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Sun Yat Sen Research Papers

Sun Yat Sen research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Sun Yat Sen research papers report that the revered father of modern China, Sun Yat Sen, was born in the southeastern Chinese village of Cuiheng, in Xiangshan county, Guangdong province, on November 12, 1866. His father, Sun Dacheng, and mother were tenant farmers and had four other children when Sun was born. Sun was known by several names during his lifetime:

  1. From childhood he was called Deming or by his birth name, Sun Wen
  2. He took the name Dixiang at age 20. Sun Yat Sen
  3. As an adult he used the name Nakayama Kikori or Zhongshan Qiao in Japan, and Yixian or Yat Sen among his western friends.
  4. Sun Zhongshan is the name by which he was known when he founded the Republic of China.

Sun’s Revolutionary Path

Sun’s brother, Sun Mei or Dezhang, who was twelve years his senior year, would be a critical factor for Sun’s revolutionary path. Sun Mei had moved to Hawaii in 1871, when Sun was five years old. He worked as a laborer first, and gradually began to farm his own rice, near Waipahu, Oahu. He branched out to become a trader and rancher, and eventually became a prosperous merchant with a large house in Kula, Maui. Sun was invited to join him, and in June of 1879 the adolescent Sun and his mother disembarked in Honolulu from a British steamship. Sun had attended his village school in China for only a few years, and his brother determined that he would receive a good education in Hawaii. He was enrolled at Iolani School, a British Anglican missionary boarding school in Honolulu, where he studied science, mathematics and English and participated in church services at St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Sun’s rapid and adept acquisition of English won him a prize for English grammar in his final year at Iolani, 1882, and he had made a life-long friend of his classmate Chung Kun Ai (or Zhong Yu), who would subsequently help finance and provision Sun’s revolutionary activities as well as provide him with a sounding board for his ideas.

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