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Storming Heaven Research Papers

The drug culture in the United States is a social problem that sociologists study closely. If you need a research paper on the problem of LSD in America or how drugs affect the American dream, our writers suggest using Storming Heaven, by Jay Stevens. Storming Heaven examines the drug culture of the 1950's and how psychologists embraced the benefits of LSD. Paper Masters suggests outlining your project on the book by Stevens in the way you see below.

Using specific examples from Storming Heaven, write a research paper in which you fully discuss at least 2 characters from the book. This is NOT a book review but rather an sociology project in which you explain the ways in which this historical novel illustrates the era of Industrialization. Begin by talking generally about Industrialization then explain the roles of at least 2 of the main characters and how you think they represent Industrialization. For example, one element of Industrialization is unionization. How was that represented in this book, what character represents that element and why?

Essay Guidelines for Storming Heaven Research Paper:

These guidelines have been adopted from those written by Amy Richter “American Women in the Twentieth Century,” for her students. Paper Masters offers them here as a guide and an inspiration. A good critical research paper will include the following:

  1. Briefly summarize the main argument of a work;
  2. Consider the types of evidence used; note the author's intention or agenda for the work;
  3. Most important, you should seek to explain why the works you are discussing are important in a scholarly, social, cultural, or political context.

In explaining the works’ significance you may want to ask one or more of the following for Storming Heaven Research Paper:Storming Heaven

  1. Why does the author’s interpretation matter?
  2. How does she or he contribute to our understanding of women's history or of the relationship between race and gender?
  3. What does she or he add to an on-going conversation about the relationship between constructions of gender and women's ability to shape public or private life?
  4. What do the shortcomings of his or her analysis tell us about the nature of historical inquiry?
  5. As you evaluate the assigned readings for the week you have chosen, situate them within other scholarly efforts you are reading in this class. Why have the authors’ chosen their particular topics and methodological approaches?
  6. Does this decision enhance or diminish the field?

Keep In Mind for Storming Heaven Research Paper:

  1. You must have a clear thesis statement and muster evidence from the works to support your analysis. Do not give a laundry list of examples and assume that the reader will figure out how they support your evaluation of the work under review.
  2. Explain the connections between your argument and the evidence you present. Make sure your evidence is presented in an orderly and coherent fashion.
  3. The reader should be able to follow easily how the pieces of evidence fit together to support your evaluation.
  4. Tie together your paper and place the works you are evaluating and your review of it into a larger historical or analytical framework.
  5. Summarize your critique and connect it to a larger context. Why does your essay matter? How does it add to our understanding of women's history as a field of study? Do your thoughts have larger implications for the study of ...history or raise new types of questions? These or other such questions should be taken up in your conclusion.

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