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Stimulus-Response Learning Research Papers

There are numerous ways to learn anything. By requiring a research paper on stimulus-response learning, your professor is creating a mode of learning through "rule learning". He creates a rule that you produce a paper and you follow the rule. The stimulus to get you to do the research paper is knowledge that failure is eminent if you do not. Have Paper Masters help you write your stimulus-response learning research paper to insure that the response from your professor is positive!

Learning is a permanent change in behavior as the result of experience. In classical conditioning, pioneered by Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov, one way to force learning was through the application of a stimulus. Stimulus-response learning is the ability of an organism to learn to perform a certain behavior in the presence of a stimulus. It is also known as operant conditioning, as was developed by B.F. Skinner.

Stimulus-Response Learning

Stimulus-Response Learning and Pavlov

Through the use of a regimented structure of rewards and punishments, a desired behavior change is achieved. In classical conditioning, the reinforcing agent, either the punishment or the reward, is presented at the same time as the stimulus. In Pavlov’s famous experiment, a bell was rung with the presentation of food in order to stimulate salivation. In Skinner’s operant conditioning, the reinforcing agent in presented after the response.

Stimulus-Response Learning and Gagne

In 1956, educational psychiatrist Robert M. Gagne identified eight basic types of learning, of which stimulus-response learning was one. The others were:

  • Signal learning
  • Chaining
  • Verbal association
  • Discrimination learning
  • Concept learning
  • Rule learning
  • Problem solving

Stimulus-response learning lies as the foundation for all types of programmed learning. Programmed learning remains a popular form of learning in self-teaching textbooks and in the computerized Integrated Learning System.

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