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Spousal Abuse Research Papers

Spousal abuse research papers focus on the social problem that plagues many individuals in America. Have one of our writers, in either sociology or psychology, custom write a project for you on spousal abuse and any form of the problem.

When one thinks about the oppression of women, one invariably assumes that the speaker is referring to a country outside of the United States.  While it is true that women from foreign countries are oppressed by male dominated societies, nowhere is this trend more evident than in the United States. Despite this, however, Americans continue to live under the assumption that women in the United States live far better than their Third World counterparts. Spousal Abuse

Looking more critically at the issue of spousal abuse, it becomes clear that the most pervasive question that asked by those on the peripheral is why.  Why do women continue to live with men that abuse them?  While the answers to this question are complex and indeed multifaceted, there is one overarching problem in stopping the cycle of abuse: the fear experienced by the women caught in the cycle. One spousal abuse research paper notes, “The number one reason for not leaving is fear.  According to the FBI, up to 40% of female homicides in any given year occur when the woman decides to leave the abusive relationship”.  In addition to fear, there are also a number of other reasons that contribute to the continuation of spousal abuse. 

What many laymen outside of the arena of spousal abuse often do not understand is that spousal abuse constitutes a cycle of behaviors.  According to one author there are three stages in the cycle of spousal abuse:

  • The tension-building phase
  • The abuse phase
  • The honeymoon

In the tension-building phase, problems arise from almost any source.  Spouses may begin complaining that the house is not kept clean enough or that the children are disorderly.  Often this precipitates arguments that the wife attempts to avoid, through measures such as avoidance or “giving in.”  During this phase there is often considerable verbal and emotional abuse, however, some physical abuse may also occur.

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