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Speech Language Pathology

Speech Language Pathology is a broad topic and very difficult to narrow. However, we suggest you start by discussing the theories that have been applied to the understanding of second language acquisition.

Power Point Presentation for Speech Language Pathology Research Paper:

  • Speech Language Pathology Choose one type of speech/language disorder or a syndrome or medical condition with implications for speech/language deficits from the following topics listed below.
    • Phonological Disorder – Preschool
    • Language delay or disorder
    • Articulation Disorder – School Age
    • Frontal distortion aka lisp – School Age

Presentation on Speech Language Pathology


In your presentation on Speech Language Pathology Research Paper, explain how the disorder/syndrome affects speech and language requiring intervention.

  • Conduct a search using an Electronic Library to determine the speech and/or language deficits related to the disorder and what therapy (intervention) strategies may be appropriate for a client demonstrating one or more of the deficits. You must reference at least 2 journal articles and one of them must be from a “peer-reviewed” journal. Remember, you may only include a reference on the reference page if you have cited it in the context of the presentation.
  • In the attached excerpt from a textbook, choose either competency
    • using a computer as a context for conversation OR competency
    • using a computer as a clinical materials generator to relate how to integrate the computer into speech/language intervention for a client with the disorder you have chosen.
    • Example: The computer may be used to by the clinician to generate case scenarios that can be used in therapy for the client to problem solve with the guidance of the clinician or there may be websites with case scenarios that my be used directly in therapy. OR the website may be used as a resource for materials to be used as part of therapy.
  • Conduct an internet search to find a website appropriate to the intervention, either in direct therapy or for the generation of therapy materials, for your client using technology and competency you have chosen.
  • Prepare a Power Point presentation
    • A. Briefly give an overview of the disorder, syndrome or medical condition and what the implications are for speech/language therapy. Explain the speech/language disorder/deficit will you be addressing in relation to the use of the website for speech/language therapy? Will you use the website as a context for conversation in the therapy situation, or to generate therapy materials?
    • B. How would you use this website to facilitate speech/language treatment or what type of therapy material could you generate using the website?
    • C. Briefly describe and give the link for the website in the presentation...for example set an action button.
    • D. Include speaker’s notes on 3 of the content slides.

6) The Power Point presentation must include:

  • Title Slide
  • Animation
  • Background
  • Clip Art
  • Transitions
  • 8 content slides + 1 title slide + Reference Slide(s)
  • All citations in the Power Point must be done according to the APA guidelines on the appropriate slide (in text or reference). Reference slide(s) will include any websites, books, articles, etc. that are cited in the text of the Power Point and must adhere to APA guidelines for referencing.

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