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Speech Delay

PaperMasters can help you get started on your research paper. Below is just a sample introduction of a research paper on speech delay.

Speech delay, or alalia, is the inability of a person to speak when developmentally appropriate. The lungs, vocal chords, mouth, and teeth must all work together to create speech. Speech delay is different from language delay in that speech delay is the inability to create the sound, while language delay is the inability to use language. It is possible to have a delay in both speech and language, or it is possible to have a delay in only one of them.

Speech Delay

Outcomes of Speech Delay

Children might begin being identified as having speech delay between the ages of 12 months and early adolescence. Your research paper may want to identify several problems with children who have speech delay. These may be but are not limited to:

  • Children who have speech delays are more likely to have behavior and emotional problems in that carry through childhood and into adulthood.
  • Children with speech delay might also struggle with reading skills and strategies.
  • Often Children with speech delay struggle in school if they do not get diagnosed early and begin receiving intervention.

Speech delays can be caused by parts of the mouth that are not formed correctly. This could include deformations in the palette, teeth, or tongue. A more serious cause is oral-motor dysfunction. In oral-motor dysfunction, the part of the brain that creates speech is not fully developed and prevents the child from speaking.

Once a child has been diagnosed with a speech delay, they should begin receiving treatment. The most common form of treatment is speech therapy. There are also strategies that parents can use in the home to help their child. Some are as simple as reading aloud to children on a regular basis.

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