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Spatial Reasoning

A research paper on spatial reasoning could begin:

Spatial reasoning finds its roots in Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. Gardner established eight different learning modalities in his book Frames of Multiple Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. These eight intelligences are:

  1. musical-rhythmical
  2. visual-spatial
  3. verbal-linguistic
  4. logical-mathematical
  5. bodily-kinesthetic
  6. interpersonal
  7. intrapersonal
  8. naturalistic
  9. existential

Spatial Reasoning

People Who Have Spatial Reasoning

People who have been identified with having spatial reasoning are able to visualize things in their mind. They are able to solve puzzles, visualize and use maps, and think through a process in their head before they begin. This type of ability is also called “visual thinking.”

People who play chess have spatial reasoning. Players must think through not only their own move, but also their opponents possible future moves. To do this, players must be able to visualize what the game board will look like in the future based on different move scenarios.

It is also important for those that are commanding an army on the battlefield to have spatial reasoning. Just like when playing chess, the army commander must be able to visualize the moves of the opponent in order to ensure a victory with the least amount of casualties and injuries as possible.

Spatial Reasoning Improvement

It is possible to improve spatial reasoning. People can improve their spatial reasoning by playing educational games that require them to formulate solutions and strategies before they make plays or moves. By improving spatial reasoning they also improve their memory and thinking ability. The Rubik’s cube is a game that helps increase and improve spatial reasoning. When a person manipulates the Rubik’s cube they have to visualize what will happen to the color alignment on the sides as they twist and turn the smaller individual rows of the cube.

People with high levels of spatial reasoning sometimes find careers in art, photography, architecture, and design. Graphic designers, fashion designers, and interior decorators all have to have high levels of spatial reasoning in order to create designs that flow and are visually pleasing.

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