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Spatial Intelligence

Here is a sample introduction for a research paper on spatial intelligence.

Spatial Intelligence is one of Howard Gardner’s identified areas in Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. This particular intelligence allows the individual to understand spatial reality, such as object visualization. It also provides the ability to visualize objects from different perspectives and angles, as well as navigation problems. Individuals gifted with spatial intelligence also notice fine details. Howard Gardner identified architects and cab drivers as individuals gifted in spatial intelligence. The other intelligences that Garner espoused were:Spatial Intelligence

  • linguistic
  • Musical
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Spatial
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
  • Verbal

Spatial Intelligence and Science

One of the more famous applications of spatial intelligence occurred during the discovery of the DNA helix. Watson and Crick were able to take Rosalind Franklin’s flat molecular model and visualize it as the three dimensional double helix. Engineers apply spatial intelligence in the anticipation of the effect of various forces on a structure.


Spatial Intelligence and Evolution

Some scientists have claimed that spatial intelligence is an evolutionary development, grown out of an organisms need to navigate through its physical environment. Human beings adapted this level of spatial intelligence when they first started creating tools from rocks. Flaking, or breaking off flecks of sharpened stone, requires the ability to anticipate the sharper, new shape that emerges from the original rock. Spatial intelligence also allows human beings to order relationships and understand complex hierarchies as systems of organization.

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