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Soy LA Avon Lady and Other Short Stories

Soy LA Avon Lady and Other Stories by Lorraine Lopez is a compendium of short stories that deal with a number of issues concerning race, gender, and sexuality.  Although each of the sortie presents unique look at life in a multi-cultural world. Lopez’s unique blending of culture and identity bring the reader to the realization that her stories are true because they illustrate a true picture of what it means to live in modern society.  From identity conflicts with race to those with gender and sexuality, Lopez incorporates so many intrinsic themes into each short story that it is almost difficult to discern them all.

Features of the book:

  • Format: Paperback
  • Type: Fiction
  • Page count: 238 page
  • Author: Lorraine Lopez
  • Publisher: Curbstone Press
  • Pages: 238


Soy LA Avon Lady and Other Short Stories

In “Frostbite,” Lopez overtly deals with several issues concerning race and gender.  Beginning with the narrator’s revelation that his wife is both Mexican and Indian—a fact that his wife abhors—the story focuses on the blatant realities of coming to terms with life as part of a mixed underclass.  From his son’s inability to deal with his drinking—a trait that is well associated with the Native American population—to the inane manner in which his wife attempts to make her dolls look like beautiful American actresses—although she fails miserably making them look like vampires in the process—it is quite clear that Lopez is attempting to demonstrate the harsh realities for those caught in the midst of multicultural lifestyles.  In addition to her look at multiculturalism, Lopez also complicates this issue by looking at how conflicts over sexuality further confound the problems faced by an individual from this social cloister.  It seems that anger runs rampant and ignorance is prevalent in explicating the lives of those in this situation.

The themes of multiculturalism and sexuality are also well illustrated in “To control a rabid rodent.”  Jonathan, an alter boy, has accidentally killed his next door neighbor. While the police attempt to find a motive for the crime based on the two neighbors differences in race and religion, the reality of the situation is that Jonathan had no actual motive to kill his neighbor; his rifle simply misfired.  Although Jonathan is deeply sorry fro what has happened, it turns out that the neighbor’s family is overjoyed by Jonathan’s actions.  The mother, who abused by her dead husband, has been reunited with her gay son after seven years.  All parities involved are thrilled that the man is dead.  Lopez clearly shows ignorance on the part of Mr. Hudnish, first for chastising Jonathan and second for disowning his son for his sexuality.

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