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Southwest Indians

The American Southwest is largely a desert region. It is also home to a number of Native American tribes, which include the Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, and Zuni. Southwest IndiansTraditionally, these tribes lived in villages and subsisted on hunting and farming.

These tribes are also known for their beautiful and intricate art. The spirituality of these southwest Indians is reflected in the works of art that they create, using symbols of dreams, visions, and religious beliefs. Many pieces of art from these tribes contain turquoise, which they believe is a stone that promotes health and happiness. The Zuni and Hopi are also known for their Kachina dolls, which helped children to learn tribal ceremonies.

Despite the arid conditions of the American southwest, the region has fertile soil. These tribes used combinations of irrigation and dry farming in order to thrive in the region. The Navajo were the largest tribe of southwest Indians, and built their houses, called a Horgan, with the door facing east, to greet the rising sun.

The Apache were known as fierce warriors. They were skilled horsemen who refused to submit to either Mexican or American authority, and were one of the last tribes to submit. The legendary Geronimo was an Apache leader. All of the tribes of southwest Indians have unique cultural aspects that make them distinctive contributors to the richness that is Native American culture.

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