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Strengths Perspective

Strengths Perspective

The theory that needs to be written about is Strengths Perspective theory in social work.

One resource you may use is : The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice by Dennis Saleeby

If this theory is not sufficient for you to write you can also write it on, client-centered theory or crisis theory. But it can only be one theory.

The format needs to be as follows:

The questions must be answered within the Strengths Perspective Theory Research Paper. This should help make up the text of the paper. Please have it in this order by section and each section headed.

1. The Knowledge Base

  • Does the theory provide an explicit comprehensive knowledge base?
  • Does the theory incorporate compatible concepts from other theories and philosophies?
  • Does the theory make explicit the degree of balance between the person and the environment?
  • Does the theory allow for the detection of the influence of ideological bias?
  • Does the theory possess a knowledge base that lends itself to empiricism?
  • does the theory make clear limitations for, or inclinations to, applicability with any client group that is defined by characteristics such as ethinicity, race, gender, or social class?

2. The Change Process and Requirements of Clients

Does the theory:

  • explain how the client's problem or problem situation can occur?
  • have an optimistic view of change?
  • indicate how the change process is initiated?
  • determine who is responsible for the change process?
  • elaborate upon what the client must do while participating int he process?

3. Unit of Attention, Problem Definition, and Goals

Does the theory:

  • specifically address the issue of who or what is being targeted for change?
  • enumerate the problems that seem most responsible to treatment?
  • have the capacity to address multiple problems?
  • assist the practitioner and client in producing a manageable definition of the problem?
  • indicate whose definition of the problem is used in treatment?
  • provide for the client to specify clearly what is to be changed?
  • require goals that are measureable?

4. Practitioner Requirements and Explicitness of Intervention

Does the theory:

  • Make clear the skills or competencies a practioner must possess to apply the theory effectively?
  • Delineate practitioner behavior with a high degree of specificity?
  • Allow for flexibility during the treatment period?
  • Provide direction for addressing technical problems that may occur during therapy?
  • Explicitly delineate intervention techniques or strategies?
  • Indicate steps in the treatment process, or phases of treatment with indentifiable features?

5. Use of time

Does the theory:

  • utilizes time directly as a clinical issue by focusing the intervention, placing time constraints on the client-practitioner relationship, affecting expectation for client change?
  • Allow for adaptation to time requirements relative to client problem, setting, and resources?
  • Provide a clear understand of the relationship between time and change?
  • Permit tests of the time-ordered sequence of cause and effect?
  • Relate the time and change relationship to the process of termination?
  • Utilize time consistently with its treatment philosophy?

6. Client/Worker relationship

Does the theory:

  • specify the power structure of the client/worker relationship?
  • Emphasize respect for client self-determination?
  • Conceptualize the client/worker relationship genuine?
  • Encompass a clear conceptualization about the practitioner's responsibilities within it?

7. Morals, Ethics, and Values
Does the theory:

  • follow ethical practices as defined by the NASW code of ethics in its application?
  • utilize processes that assist the client and/or practitioner in dealing with ethical issues or moral dilemmas?
  • articulate a position about basic social work values?
  • allow the client expression of, and adherence to, personal values?
  • allow for intervention only with informed consent or when mandated by law?
  • allow the client to take responsibility for individual actions?
  • provide for the practitioner to be responsible for actions, inactions, or decision in the conduct of practice?
  • remain free of prejudice, oppression, and social bias?

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