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Schlesinger and Multiculturalism

Schlesinger and Multiculturalism

Arthur Schlesinger is an expert on multiculturalism and is often called upon by professors of sociology as the definitive resource for research in multiculturalism. Paper Masters will custom write a research paper using any of Schlesinger's works for you.

Compare Arthur Schlesinger's idea of cultural nationalism verses the definition of multiculturalism developed in other class readings.

Arthur M. Schlesinger - Disuniting of America

When writing a research paper on Multiculturalism, you may want to use Schlesinger's book and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does Nathan Glazer's argument that "assimilation failed" effect the debate?
  • Do the excerpts from Anna Julia Cooper or Mary Antin support Schlesinger's argument?
  • Do W.E.B. DuBois or Randolph Bourne's essays undermine his argument?
  • What of Carlos Forment's essay on the "hybid narratives" produced by "second class citizens?"
  • Does Forment offer a way of reconciling Schlesinger's defense of the American Creed with multiculturalism's recognition of the historical importance of "community" in American society? If so, How?

The pluralism of United States society, most people live in relatively isolated enclaves, away from others who are racially, socially, and culturally different. Individuals from the same ethnic groups live in close proximity to one another, creating largely single race or ethnic group geographic clusters, such as Anglo suburbs, Hispanic barrios, Chinatowns, Little Italys, and Little Japans. The population tends to be separated along economic lines, so that members of the middle, upper, and lower social classes within and across ethnic groups do not interact with one another on substantive or egalitarian levels. The divisions between these groups are increasing instead of diminishing.

Multiculturalism and Political Significance

As different ethnic, racial, social, and cultural groups grow in size and political significance, they will demand that social policies and programs be responsive to their particular needs and interests. Satisfying these demands will require more cultural sensitivity, "rainbow" coalitions, and pluralistically negotiated compromises. Ethnic and special interest group tensions may accelerate as a result of competition for limited resources such as jobs, housing, and political power; definitions and visions of what it means to be American will change; and there will be greater differences of opinion about the sources of the nation's present success, future potential, and most desirable images and symbols. None of these issues will be resolved without some fundamental knowledge of, sensitivity to, and respect for culturally and ethnically diverse experiences, perspectives, and peoples, and without some power sharing among these groups. Multicultural education can develop skills to meet these needs. Therefore, the well being of U.S. society and education for and about cultural pluralism are inextricably linked.

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Schlesinger and Multiculturalism Research Papers

Schlesinger and Multiculturalism research papers investigate how America has lost its sense of community.

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