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Sociological Issue Impacting The Education System

Sociological Issue Impacting the Education System

Does this Sociological Issue Impacting the Education System assignment look familiar? Many professors assign topics just like this and our writers custom write each one.

The purpose of the Research Paper is to provide the student an opportunity to investigate a specific issue topic and research current literature in investigating sociological issues impacting the system of education. The Research Paper utilizes previous skills developed in foundational courses and applies them within the context of the relation of social behavior and education.

The Research Paper is a formal paper in which the learner selects a relevant topic of interest.

  1. The learner researches the issue/topic using scientific methodology, compiling relevant literature and applying these concepts in the development of the issue.
  2. The research issue should have a limited scope or specific defined area.
  3. Scholarly journals, books and periodicals are to be used for literature sources.
  4. This Research Paper requires an annotated Bibliography.
  5. A guide for the annotated bibliography is provided.

The minimum number of scholarly journals to be reviewed in this issue research paper for development of the content is six articles. It is important that the researcher supports the issue using literature.

As a guide:

  1. Find at least one article that provides data describing the issue/topic, who or what is impacted - why it is important.
  2. Find at least two articles that describe the situation. Find articles that have data.
  3. Find at least two articles that describe what can be done about the problem. Find those that have specific interventions and some data.
  4. Find a data-based article on the topic of interest.

Definition of " scholarly journal" - A scholarly journal, for the purposes of the course, are those journals that are research based, may be a publication of a professional association, may be a journal such as Journal of Psychology, Educational Psychology, Phi Delta Kappan, Journal of Sociology, etc. Professional journals should address topics that are concerned with teaching-learning and are authored. The majority of research articles are primary sources. That is, based upon the observations and experience of the individuals. Articles from the World Wide Web, generally do not meet the criteria of a scholarly journal. Some professional journals can be reached through the World Wide Web. Magazines and newspapers are secondary sources. Overall, books are secondary sources, such as a textbook. However, they may be a primary source. An example would be an author who discusses a research project that the author conducted.

Research Paper Guide

The Research Paper Guide illustrates the use of scientific method, for exploring and developing a topic or issue of interest. A review of current scholarly literature is conducted on the topic of choice and used in the development of the paper.

Format: Issue Research Paper for EDU: 324 Sociological Issues in Education


Describe the issue. Discuss why it was selected, the perspective of the approach, and the scope of the paper. In essence, describe in this area what is being covered in the paper. Be specific and to the point. This is an important part of a paper; it engages the reader and set the scope of the paper.

2.Statement of the Issue to be Investigated

Describe why the issue/topic is relevant or what the problem/issue is. It is important to provide literature sources in support of the importance of the need/issue/topic. For example, let's say you are interested in researching the issue of social class and education. Overall, what makes this topic/issue so important that you are spending time/energy researching it? What is the impact of the problem if nothing is done and or is done to correct the situation? What are some interventions that have worked? What can be done about the issue?

3.Literature Review

This section documents the relevant research reflecting the topic of the research paper. In this section a paraphrased narrative of the actual research studies are reported. The literature review should present a review of current literature in the issue area. In general, the literature review should:

a.Identify what the issue is; indicate what has happened in the specific research of the topic; describe the study, sample, findings, and important points from the discussion in the research article; describe any variables that may influence the findings of the research.

b. Identify key elements of the issue they may be instructional, legal, ethical, social, etc. Discuss what is projected if nothing is done and/or what has been tried. Support this section with relevant literatures/resource citations.

c.Explore comprehensively the opposing positions if there are pros and cons of an issue that are of interest.

d. Consider, when presenting an analysis of a research article, the following:

i. What was done

ii. Target population

iii. Who did it

iv. What was found?

v. Implications of the findings to learning


In this section the major findings are presented. Select at least three, from your judgment, that were the most important in the reviewed research. Provide a brief introduction to the section and then present the findings. This section is brief.


This is an expansion of the findings section. This section is a reflection of your ability to analyze and interpret the content of the articles that have been read and apply it to the topic of interest. It is presented in a narrative format and based on the research, your critical thinking/analysis of the situation/issue. This would include:

a.The topic/issue. Be specific.

b. An analysis and synthesis of the literature.

c.Support of your perspective with relevant literature. This is an important section as it reflects your ability to analyze the problem, critique what has happened, and then to hypothesize potential solutions for the problem.

d. Support of your impressions through exploratory and argumentative discussion. Remember, this is your research and your impressions. Use the studies to support your discussion.

e.An overall conveyance of your evaluation of the research findings.

f.Implications of the findings from the studies - state the three findings and discuss.

g. Evaluation of the literature: quality research, bias, concerns with validity/reliability, sample size, findings.


In this section, summarize in a general way but completely: what the paper covers; what was done, why the topic was selected, the problem/issue briefly stated, the approach that was used, findings, solutions, and relative comments you as the researcher may have. In this section, a reader should be able to peruse the conclusion/summary and have a good idea what the researcher did and what was found.

7.References (Annotated Bibliography)

Here include all references used in the development of this paper. This will be the annotated bibliographies that have been prepared. Use American Psychology Association Style. (Note: This section starts a new page.)

8.Organization of the Paper

a.Cover sheet: title of the paper, course name, your name

b. Running header

c.abstract of the paper (the summary and conclusion of the paper may be used for this)

d. Body of the paper: introduction, issue statement, literature review of the issue, findings, discussion and conclusions.

e.Appendix (tables, maps, etc.)

f.References: a reference listing using APA format (note: for this paper, the references are annotated using the Annotated Bibliography Guide). Remember, the quality of the references will impact the development of the paper.


Following the completion of the Research Paper, the learner will be able to:

  1. Utilize research protocols in defining, researching, analyzing and synthesizing appropriate scholarly research within the topic/issue selected.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the implementation of the research activity as evidenced through the application of the research process using the scientific method identified in this guide.
  3. Demonstrate grammatically appropriate writing skills as evidenced in the quality of the written report. The American Psychological Association Style Format will be used in this paper.
  4. Demonstrate analytical and evaluative attributes as evidenced in the selection of the reference resources, development of the paper, succinct and logical organization of the information.
  5. Demonstrate research expertise in locating, identifying, selecting and application of literature resources within the context of the paper and the oral presentation.
  6. Demonstrate written communication skills.
  7. Evaluate professional/academic literature in specific fields of study.

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