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Social Work Client

Social Work Client

Research papers on social work and client relationships help look at how social services work and apply the theories learned in sociology courses to working with clients. Get a custom written sociology research paper from the writers at Paper Masters.

When organizing a research project on social work and the clients you will work with, remember to focus on the following elements.

  1. State demographic data about the client, ie, age, gender, employment, Is there anything distinctive in this data that needs to be given special consideration?
  2. How was the client system referred? (ex, Homeless) What is the client referral source's others definition of the problem?
  3. What do you know about the client's environment? This includes the physical
    environment, (living condition), the social environment, (interpersonal relationship with family friends, employers, others) the economic environment (social class, monetary condition) and the cultural background (ethnicity, race, religion ect). How is this environment likely to be related to the client problem?
  4. What are your impressions of the client as seen during the interview process? What have you observed about the client physical appearance, interpersonal relationships, psychological functioning, and emotional state?
  1. Long-term history: When did the client's problem start, or when did the client believe it started? Did the problem become worse over time and if so, how? Was the problem initiated because of any special event or happening in the family or any other part of the social or physical environment? Is it now related to any special circumstances?
  2. Short-term history: Describe the problem in specific behavioral terms. What are the antecedents to the problem, the reinforcements? Are there ways to intervene in the stimuli or the consequences?
  3. Analysis: Summarize all of the above information. What do you think are the basic issues of the client's problem? What is the client's strength that can be used to help the client overcome its problem? What are the major weaknesses? Are there any significant data that you believe that you need to understand this better and if so how will you get this information?
  4. What methods of intervention are you using or plan to use to solve the client's problem? What are your goals as well as the client's goal for the intervention? Are there intervening or instrumental goals, and if so, what are they? Is there one theoretical orientation that may be useful than others? If so, what is it? May more than one method be useful?
  5. What is the nature of the clients contract? How many sessions, how long each session, how many weeks or months, how many members of the client do you expect to see, individually or together? Are there any special considerations in the contract?

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Social Work Client Research Papers

Social Work Client Research Papers discuss an order placed on graduate level services, with specific questions to be answered.

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