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Social Welfare

Social Welfare

Problem Statement and Literature Review on Social Welfare Term Paper:
for this assignment, you will draft the problem statement and literature review sections of your research proposal. In order to do this, you will need to conduct additional research on your topic and therefore continue to develop your library research skills. You will also need to use and further develop your ability to critically read and analyze research materials.

Your problem statement should briefly identify the social work problem and research question on which you have chosen to focus.
Your literature review should provide the appropriate background to support your argument and focus in greater depth and detail.
In the problem statement, you should include the following:

  1. identify and specify the topic of your research proposal.
  2. articulate a rationale for the importance of studying this particular topic
  3. formulate the specific research question/s and hypothesis/es that will addressed in the study you will propose.

Your problem statement should be one to two (1-2) pages in length and should include:

  1. A very brief introduction to the problem: what it is and what evidence exists that attests to the extent of the problem/issue under study
  2. The specific gaps or problem that have not been addressed through prior research.
  3. The reasons it is important to the profession and/or to society to study this problem; its incidence, prevalence, consequences and lack of available knowledge,etc
  4. The relevance of the problem to social work practice
  5. The research questions and hypotheses that have emerge from the above and which will serve as the focus of your proposed study.

Literature Review for Social Welfare Term Paper
Your literature review should be five to six (5-6) pages in length and should provide a succinct review of the literature in relation to your research agenda, including and addressing the following:
1. A very brief discussion of the organising framework for your literature review (no more than 1 paragraph) 2. A thorough discussion of the status of your research topic in the literature, including:

  • A thematically organized discussion of what is known about your topic
  • A discussion of the theory/theories relevant to your topic and their application to your research question (at least one paragraph)
  • A discussion of what is not known about your topic and why these things are not known (i.e, limitations of previous studies and bodies of literature)
  • A summary of the status of the literature related to your topic and research question
  • Your problem statement and literature review together should be between six and eight (6-8) pages in length.
  • You must use APA format for all elements of this assignment and follow the standard for margins (1 inch )
  • Your citations and reference list for this assignment must include at least twelve (12) journal articles.
  • These articles must have been published during the last five to ten years in peer-reviewed academic journals that are relevant to social work practice and research.
  • Your reference list and all in-text citations must be presented in APA format. I will like to have the copies of the articles used.

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Social Welfare Research Papers

Social Welfare Research Papers look at an example of an order placed for a problem statement and literature review of a research proposal.

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