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Wage Discrimination

Wage Discrimination

Wage discrimination happens when wages are dependent upon aspects of a person or position that are not broadly applied in a fair and just way. Wage discrimination is so prolific that even Hoillywood actors complain about wage discrimination. Have a custom written research paper explain the issues at stake regarding wage discrimination.

A good example of wage discrimination would be a set of positions filled with people that have the exact same set of skills, education and experience and yet are not being paid the same wage because of a personal characteristic (gender, race, etc.). Wage discrimination is broadly applied across different industries and is a problem in all areas of the world. It can be subtle - like paying someone a slightly lower wage because of demographic feature - or it can be obvious.

The more obvious example would be refusing to pay overtime to someone because "they don't look like they need it," while allowing overtime pay to someone else on the same team because "they look like they do need it."
Wage discrimination takes many forms and deals with everything from salaries to overtime pay to holiday pay. It can be a one-time issue or ongoing, depending on the specifics of the situation. Fighting wage discrimination can be challenging because of the following issues:

  1. The burden of proof is on the person making the accusation.
  2. Since salary information is often confidential, it can be hard to prove that the difference in salaries is based on discriminatory reasoning.

For this reason, there are less wage discrimination lawsuits brought forth than there should be, given that this is a somewhat widespread personnel issue.

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Wage Discrimination Research Papers

Wage discrimination research papers discuss the form of discrimination that happens when wages are dependent upon aspects of a person or position that are not broadly applied in a fair and just way.

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