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Running Head Domestic Violence

Running Head: Domestic Violence

Running Head:Domestic Violence Research Paper Format below:

  1. type the title in Uppercase and Lowercase letters,centered and positioned in the upper half of the page.
  2. Type the names of the authors in order of their contributions using upper and lowercase letters,centered below the title. If both authors have contributed equally,arrange the names in alphabetical order by last name.
  3. abstract (this is a separate page)give a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the article. Be concise and well organized. Begin the abstract with the most important concepts,findings,or implications.***abstract should not exceed 120 words.
  4. Introduction page: (1-2 pages) please do not use the word introduction. put title of paper here, which is: What are the short and long term consequences of domestic violence on childrens behavior? This page(s) *will entice the reader * include the the importance, relevance, and purpose of the study.(purpose goes towards the the of this section)*summarize the topic briefly.*give important statistics,figures,and definitions if needed.* tell the reader what you want to study. Cut to the chase.* status of the topic being studied in the field. * how is your study adding or enhancing previous conducted studies. * how this study will contribute to the field.
  5. Literature Review (12) pages: Begin with a paragraph that tells the reader what you plan to do. * use subtitles to help organize literature review. ***please do not re-hash introduction again.**** *report findings of the relevant literature.***Please use at least 7 primary sources from refereed journals. ***(You may be able to use lots of info. for some articles and not so much from others. Seven is the minimum, there is no maximum) *All sources should be within the last 7-10 years,unless it is a landmark study.)HYPOTHESES: please use a transition to introduce your hypotheses which are;
    • Children who witness domestic violence are more likely to display aggressive behaviors towards peers.
    • Children who witness domestic violence are more likely to have academic and social problems. Please focus on the issues in the hypotheses (goes near the end of the literature review) Limit direct quotes, no more than 3. Use only if the author's presentation of the idea is very vivid.
  6. Proposed Methods (2)pages : target population (demographic information) number, age, gender, race, regionality, religiosity etc.
  7. Procedure
    what would you do? tell the reader exactly how you will recruit your sample and what you plan to do. ( it's your recipe) If someone wanted to replicate your study, they should be able to follow this section
  8. Measure(s)
    description of the measurement instrument: please include
    • how questionnaire was created
    • number of items.
    • types of questions (true/false;yes/no;likert scales)
    • sample questions
    • administration time
    • reliability and validity; any other pertinent information
  9. Conclusion/Discussion (2 pages)
    summary- relevance- relate to your hypotheses limitations recommended for future research

References must be APA Style

coy of questionnaire
tables and figure (if used)

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Running Head Domestic Violence Research Papers

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