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Moral Issues In Society

Moral Issues in Society

Moral Issues in Society- Should American businesses, government agencies, or academic institutions practice affirmative action?

Position- YES, affirmative action should be practiced.

Moral Issues in Society Research Paper:

The position paper is an in-depth study of a key social and controversial issue (issue is listed above). The paper is required to investigate the stances of various advocates in relation to the issue, considering all stakeholders who are involved and elucidate their arguments, evidence, and reasoning. The paper should also identify and explain the ethical values that underpin the key points of the conflicting parties' positions.

Throughout the composition of the paper you must remain neutral, and avoid using any emotional and biased language. You must also objectively state the values that come to light and that underpin the arguments of your various parties. The position that you eventually take should be evident only after considering all evidence and reasons for the arguments as presented by the parties to the controversy.

The Moral Issues in Society Research Paper should be:

  1. 20-30 papers,
  2. double-spaced
  3. with a minimum 15 scholarly sources.
  4. Below is an outline of how the paper should be organized. Sub-headings should be used for each section below except for the introduction.

Set-up for Moral Issues in Society Research Paper:

  1. Introduction - A general introduction that acquaints the reader with the research Moral Issues in Society. The research question, "Should American businesses, government agencies, or academic institutions practice affirmative action? should be in the first or second paragraph of this section. The introduction should provide a context for the issue/controversy that will be explored.
  2. Significance - Identify the significance of the Moral Issues in Society. Why should the reader be concerned or interested in the controversy you have selected? What is the inherent conflict that makes this Moral Issues in Society controversial? How is the controversy likely to affect the reader? What are the costs and consequences involved? The section may begin with the phrase "The significance of this question is" Although the two opposing sides will most likely have completely different and somewhat volatile opinions, the section should remain objective and analytical.
  3. Definitions - Each Moral Issues in Society will likely have special terminology that needs identifying. Define any specialized terminology, technical language, or abbreviations that the reader might not be familiar with. Also, provide some conceptual definitions that might be beneficial in setting the parameters for discussion.
  4. Secondary Issues and Scope - Secondary issues often arise from the various positions being researched. The issues may involve cost, who the decision-makers are, who the beneficiaries are, and/or who incurs liability. In describing the scope of the issue, the paper should consider what limitations, depth, and breadth put in the Moral Issues in Society as well as what the paper will cover.
  5. Assumptions and Biases - As objectively as possible, explicate the biases people might harbor as they consider the issue.
  6. History and Background -This should address the where, when, and how the controversy originated. Who were the initial parties to the controversy? How has the controversy developed over time? What are the most significant milestones in the terms of laws, events, court cases, and changing social conditions? What is the current state of the controversy and who are the major parties?
  7. Parties to the Controversy (THIS IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THE PAPER 10-15 PAGES) Each side should be presented in separate sub-headings. Thesis should be stated here- Here is where you completely describe the controversy by specifying the arguments of each party, including any evidence and reasons for each side. This section will contain the author's analysis and should identify and highlight any fallacious reasoning, underlying assumptions, and values and obligations at stake. The author's thesis should be stated here and what the author advocates as a possible solution and course of action. Justify the position based upon moral reasoning. State the inherent values and the normative ethical theory and its principles that underlie the position taken using Kantianism or Utilitarianism. This is a large section and should be organized in the format listed below.
  8. Proponents -
    Opponents -
    Analysis of the Arguments and Values in Conflict - (strengths, weaknesses, fallacies, conflicting values) Position Thesis and Justification- Moral Judgment Moral Rule Values Supported by a Normative Ethical Theory(Kantianism, Utilitarianism)
    Counter-arguments(s) and Refutation
  9. Implications for Policy and Practice
  10. Conclusion
  11. Works Cited (minimum of 15 scholarly sources)

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Moral Issues In Society Research Papers

Moral Issues in Society Research Papers examine an order placed on if certain institutions should practice the affirmative action.

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