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Female Survivors of Childhood Incest

Female Survivors of Childhood Incest

Paper Masters custom writes all research papers on female survivors of childhood incest. Our data and statistics on this social problem is fresh and new. There are many ways to approach the topic of childhood incest and female survivors of it; Paper Masters suggests using one of the following theses:

  • Group therapy proves effective for female survivors of Childhood Incest
  • Use the Courage to Heal as a basis for examining options for therapy for female survivors of childhood incest
  • Examine the type of abuse that female survivors of childhood incest underwent during their ordeal

Several research papers written by Paper Masters' writers confirm that women have unique developmental problems associated with the experience of incest as children.One of the most significant is its affect on their ability to interact with their mothers and other female friends.According to a study that compared female incest survivors with other women, there are identifiable consequences that are exhibited by the incest survivors in their relationships with other females, the most notable of which is demonstrated in the mother-daughter relationship.

Childhood Incest Studies

Although the results of the study indicated that not all female incest survivors exhibit negative consequences in their relationships with other females, for those that do, it is surprisingly manifested by a high regard for male figures in their lives and a recognizable resentment toward female figures "for their powerlessness".

Although the element of therapy as a research instrument is relatively new, there are studies available the show that the pursuit of therapy may indicate specific elements of the childhood incestuous assault even before key aspects are revealed. For example, the study conducted by authors demonstrated that therapy was more frequently pursued by female incest survivors that had experienced assault at much earlier stages of their life and for a more extended period of time.

Although there is some research available on the methods of therapy for child incest offenders, the research on the methods of therapy for the child that has been the victim of incest is scarce to non-existent, a short-coming that presents major implications for further research or, at the very least, documentation concerning the demographics of children that receive therapy for child incest.

Childhood Incest Therapy

In the context of the proving the efficacy of therapy as a means intervention and well as prevention, research papers have demonstrated that group therapy can address specific types of childhood incestuous abuse, the environments in which they have occurred and ultimately the repercussions that are frequently manifested. Through an analysis of several studies on psychotherapy in general as well as group psychotherapy specifically, researchers from Paper Masters were able to draw important conclusions on how early childhood abuse affects the child's development of interpersonal skills and therefore the ability to interact within unmoderated groups. At the same time, the researchers were able to ascertain how well adult survivors of childhood incest generally respond to group therapy methods.

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Female Survivors of Childhood Incest Research Papers

Female Survivors of Childhood Incest Research Papers discuss how this experience affects women's relationships with other women.

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