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Adult Male Sex offenders

Adult Male Sex Offenders

The area of interest for this Term Paper is: Adult Male Sex Offenders and Assessment tools a predictor of recidivism.

How to write a paper on Adult Males Sex Offenders

This assignment is your opportunity to write up the beginning of a research proposal (prospectus) in a more formal way. The three sections that we are focusing on this week are the introduction, use of theory, and the purpose statement. These are three separate sections, each one addressing the points indicated in the application description. Keep in mind that the beginning of the proposal (prospectus) sets the stage for the remaining sections that have to do more specifically with the quantitative research design.


For this particular assignment, select EITHER a quantitative OR a qualitative approach (not both, and not a mixed methods approach) for your male sex offender research paper.


Offenders who are convicted of sex crimes are predominantly adult males. Sexual offenses fall into different categories, which are: child sexual abuseor pedophilia, rape, sexual murder, internet offenses, incest, and exhibitionism. Internet offenders download, view, or distribute child pornography, and it is not known what percentage have also committed contact offenses (that is, offenses involving actual contact with a victim). The attitude of the offender is classified as active or passive, and he is said to be either an avoidant goal offender or an approach goal offender. In the first case, the offender makes unsuccessful attempts to avoid committing a crime, and in the second, he actively wishes to commit a crime, either creating the necessary circumstances, or taking advantage of the opportunity to offend when the opportunity arises.


The introduction needs to be specific enough that you show that you have read some of the research literature in your area of interest and that you have narrowed the focus so that you can identify gaps in the existing literature. This section needs to point to the research that you think needs to be done. It is based on existing research, but you need to go further so that you are not repeating research that has already been done, but rather you are adding new information about the area by doing your proposed study within Cognitive Behavioral Theory.


The levels of prolactin in male sex offenders has been found to be much higher than in the typical male.The typical perpetrator is a male over 95% of all sexual abuse. Sex offender registries have tracked abusers since the middle of the 1900's but is had not been until the 1990's until government, mostly at the state level began to pass laws to protect potential victims. Megan's Law is named for Megan Kanka, a little girl who was raped and killed in 1994. Many states , such as California have their own Department of Justice webpage that monitors sex offenders. Internet pages such as are active in the fight against convicted abusers.

Types of sex offenders

  • Regressed offenders
  • Child rapist
  • Fixated offenders


In the theory section of your paper, you need to focus on an actual psychological theory (not on general approaches such as inductive/deductive or quantitative/qualitative or constructivist/essentialist). Some examples are social learning theory, object relations theory, attachment theory, humanistic psychology theory, cognitive behavioral theory. You are not limited to these, however the theory and the research Adult Male Sex Offenders need to be related in a such a way that the Adult Male Sex Offenders and the research flow from the particular theory that you have chosen. Be specific in your discussion of theory and theoretical concepts, and back up your description with citations to authors who have created, developed, used, or discussed these theories, using journal articles, books, or book chapters.


For a paper on adult male sex offenders you wild include approaches for intervention with the offender with the protect of society as the goal.


Also, you also need a purpose statement, which focuses on what you think that this particular study has to offer in terms of going beyond and adding to existing research in your area of interest.


Include a reference section at the end of the paper, in which you include a full APA style reference for each citation that you include in the text of the paper. Please keep in mind that the formatting of references that you see in the databases is usually not APA style, so you will need to do the conversion to APA style references. Please consult the APA Publication Manual for its excellent examples for the sources that you will use for your paper.

As with the discussion posts, your sources for Adult Male Sex Offenders Term Papers:

  • Academic journal articles
  • Books
  • Book chapters
  • Thesis
  • Dissertations
  • Magazine articles
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Abstracts
  • Most web-sites

In this Application Assignment, you will begin to formulate the foundation of a research project. While it is expected that your area of interest will remain the same throughout the course, your Application Assignments will vary, depending on the material being covered that week. Near the end of the course, you will draw upon your Application Assignments and Discussions, as well as feedback you have received during the course, to write a research prospectus.

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