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What Is Pansexual

What is Pansexual

Traditionally, human beings have divided themselves into two genders, male and female, with sexual attraction falling into either hetero (opposite) or homo (same) sexual attraction. Pansexuality, an emerging movement within the LGBTQ community, seeks to move sexual attraction beyond the binary gender identification. Pansexual is the sexual desire or romantic attraction towards anyone, regardless of sex or gender. Pansexuals may find themselves attracted to any of the following groups:

What is Pansexual VS Bisexual

Pansexual is considered to be more inclusive than the term bisexual, recognizing attraction to others who may consider themselves to be transgendered or even androgynous. Often times the two terms are used interchangeably, although there are those who are beginning to consider the term bisexual either oppressive or restrictive, as the prefix "bi" implies two, where the prefix "pan," from the ancient Greek, means "all" or "every."

Pansexual is also considered to be more fluid a description of a person's sexuality than bisexual. Those who identify themselves as pansexual believe that they are capable of falling in love with anyone, regardless of gender identification. Therefore, pansexual individuals are expressing emotion more than simple sexual behavior. People who identify themselves as pansexual do not claim to be blind to gender, but find themselves attracted to others regardless of that person's gender identification.

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What Is Pansexual Research Papers

What is Pansexual research papers examine the sexual orientation that involves the romantic attraction towards anyone regardless of gender or sex.

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