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Influence of Homosexual Parents

Influence of Homosexual Parents

An interesting research paper topic is the influence of homosexual parents on their children. Sociology courses often look for controversial topics that affect society today so why not order a research paper on gay parenting and how it affects the children in their family.

One of the major debates occurring in this country involves the home environment in which children are being raised. One of the specific discussions taking place among many in this country is whether children should be raised by same-sex parents. Sociology courses often consider the concept of marginalization through other writers' lenses. You can examine marginalization through works from writers such as Anne Sexton, Yusef Komunyakaa, and Mark Doty.

Research has shown that same-sex parents can be just as loving an nurturing as their heterosexual counterparts. In addition, they are capable or raising children that are no more likely to having mental health issues, or face physical or emotional abuse in the home, than children raised by one mother and one father.

In the end, the debate comes down to insuring that children are raised so that they have the tools necessary to lead happy and health lives. The solution is not necessary the specific people involved in raising the child, but how they raise the child. In the final analysis, it becomes quite clear that same-sex parenting is not at all harmful for children raised in that environment.

How to organize a research paper on the Influence of Homosexual Parents on their children

  1. The best way to approach this sociology topic is to write an Exploratory Essay.
  2. The Exploratory Essay is a closed-form, thesis-seeking essay in which you explore-deeply-a topic of your choice related to the concept of marginalization. Rather than arguing a particular point of view, your objective in this assignment is to "wallow in complexity:" to research and analyze, to posit thesis, antithesis, and synthesis; to challenge the common ways of looking at a problem.

Format for an Influence of Homosexual Parents Research Paper:

  1. You'll begin, as much good writing does, with a question. You'll do research to come up with a (provisional, or temporary) answer.
  2. Then you will critique that answer-by reading against the grain, you will finding flaws in the answer. Then you'll ask another question-a more complex question, based on your research and your rejection of your previous answer. You will attempt to answer that question, debunk that answer, and so on. The purpose is not to find answers, but to ask really good questions-and as a result, to probe a topic more deeply than you've ever done before.
  3. The work you complete in this assignment will be further utilized in your final essay of the semester.
  4. The Sociological Exploratory Essay documents the evolution of your thinking on the subject. As the chapter says, the essay is "easy to organize because it follows a chronological structure-but you will have nothing to say-no process to report-unless you discover and examine your problem's complexity" .
  5. So research, reflection, and good note-taking are crucial.
  6. Another important component of this assignment is conducting field research.
  7. Here, you will take on the role of investigator as you use interviews, questionnaires, surveys and/ or direct observations to gain understanding of your society.
  8. You will also learn how to accurately analyze and integrate this firsthand information into an essay.
  9. In addition to your field research, you will need to rely on secondary sources to complete this assignment. In total, you should use no fewer than four sources in writing this paper.
  10. Only use Internet sources if they are credible. Remember what research and writer A.J. Jacobs says in his book The Know-It-All, "the Internet's about as reliable as publications sold next to Trident and Duracell at the supermarket checkout line" (5).
  11. When possible, use scholarly texts that have been reviewed by a panel of experts.

Your Influence of Homosexual Parents Research Paper should accomplish the following:

  1. Wallow in the complexity of homosexuals raising straight children or gay children, using dialectic thinking to fully explore the topic
  2. Explore the topic of homosexuality in an evenhanded way
  3. Use sufficient research to adequately explore the nature of parental relationships
  4. Utilize field research in an appropriate manner
  5. Clearly and fairly summarize the research
  6. Synthesize the ideas of others into your own writing
  7. Show how the problem/question is interesting, problematic, and important
  8. Explain why your questions are not easily answered
  9. Use language and style appropriate to the subject and audience

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