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Human Sexuality

Topics that deal with human sexuality make interesting psychology research papers.

This is a psychology research paper on the overview of human sexuality. It will discuss sexual development, gender identity , and sexual orientation including homosexuality. It will conclude with a discussion of Sexual assault, harassment and violence.

Paper Masters provides custom research papers on topics such as Human sexuality

Human Sexuality

This research paper is an overview of human sexuality." Topics that should be included are: Life span sexual development (no more than one short paragraph on puberty as it will be covered elsewhere).

Gender identity & gender roles

Sexual orientation

Adult sexual behaviors and attitudes


Sexual variants

Sex as a commodity

Sexual problems and therapy

Sexual assault, harassment and violence

The research paper could include other sexual issues not included in the list.

Sexual Behavior In The Human Male by Alfred C. Kinsey, Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin, popularly called the Kinsey Report, contains the results of a groundbreaking study into the nature of human sexuality. "It approached the subject from a non-medical, objective and behaviorist standpoint by gathering data regarding the sexual activities of a wide range of men from varying socio-economic backgrounds. "Prior to its publication in 1948, there had been few organized studies to gather data on the actual sexual behaviors of human beings . "In large measure, the Report's dispassionate objectivity and widespread readership despite its technical nature helped to establish sexual behavior as a legitimate field of psychological and sociological research. "

Research Paper Topic Suggestions on Human Sexuality

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Sexuality and “the Other - Sexuality and “The Other" research papers explain how sex has been used as a mechanism or vehicle to create “the other" many times throughout history.

Significance of sexuality - Significance of Sexuality research papers discuss the significance of sexuality in today's culture.

Transition Chaz Bono - Essays on Transition by Chaz Bono report on his biography that discusses his transition from Chastity Sun into Chaz Bono.

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This is a Research Paper topic on
Human Sexuality

Research paper on the overview of human sexuality. Sexual development, gender identity, and sexual orientation including homosexuality.

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