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Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Paper Masters custom writes book reviews on any type of sociology or psychology text needed. For example, John Gray's Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is an excellent example of a sociology book that can be incorporated into a research paper on marriage, family and relationships.

John Gray, Ph.D., the author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus", is an expert in the field of relationships, communicating, and personal growth. His book can be viewed as a practical guide for improving communication skills in any relationship and getting what you want out of that relationship.

Conflicts Between Men and Women

Dr. Gray uses the metaphor that men are Martians and women are Venusians to illustrate the common conflicts and misunderstandings that occur between the different sexes. Imagining for a moment that the Martians discovered the Venusians and had an awakening of feelings they never knew before. The Venusians knew this day would come when they would open their hearts to a love they had never experienced before. Despite their different worlds, they delighted in each other and wanted nothing more than to learn how to please each other. For years they lived in love and harmony.

They decided to fly to earth, but once they arrived a terrible amnesia set in. The Martians and Venusians forgot they were from different planets and expected each other to be just like the other. In one morning, every nuance about the other was erased from their memory and since then, men and women have been in a state of conflict. Upon this allegory, Dr. John Gray makes the premise for his book.

Differences Between Men and Women

The expectation for the opposite sex to behave in the same manner sets men and women up for the disappointment that ultimately happens in a relationship. The most common mistake is thinking that when two people are in love, they will react and behave in the same way. Recognizing the differences between men and women reduces confusion in communication with the opposite sex.

Through each chapter, the author deals with a certain area encountered by most couples such as the following:

  1. The difference in values between men and women
  2. How each sex copes with stress
  3. Different motivations between men and women and the different needs for intimacy.
  4. Dr. Gray touches on how to communicate and the importance of doing so.

A specific way that he encourages is the Love Letter technique. This is a way to express negative feelings from one partner to another, and yet find immense love and forgiveness. The last chapter of the book explains the four seasons of love. Dr. Gray shows how love changes and grows throughout a lifetime.

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