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Intrapersonal Communication

Intrapersonal Communication

While interpersonal communication focuses on communication between individuals, intrapersonal communication centers on the person's ability to master their internal use of language. Intrapersonal communication can take on a variety of forms, but one of the most common is the internal monologue. Our ability to think in words is a critical part of the human experience; individuals are expected to think critically about their experiences and feelings, but also to express those reflections in a clear, coherent way. The inner monologue can use the first- or second-person form of narration, with the first-person used primarily to discuss feelings and the second-person used when one is working to change behaviors or determine a course of action.

Another form of intrapersonal communicationis speaking aloud; reading something aloud, for example, provides another level of exposure to the content. Speaking and hearing something that one reads, hears, or thinks, allows for one to process the information into one's own form of understanding. This component of intrapersonal communication - the act of speaking aloud to oneself - can also help with the avoidance of silence. As social animals, we often want to fill empty spaces with sound of some variety; for some, this is humming, whistling, or tapping fingers, while others use intrapersonal communication to fulfill this obligation.

What to think about when writing an intrapersonal communication paper

If you have a paper due on intrapersonal communication, ask yourself the following questions when researching the topic:

  1. What major principles/concepts have you learned from the intrapersonal communication course and according to the research why do you think these principles are important? This is where my thesis of resiliency hope and courage can be applied.
  2. What changes do you notice in your emotional states, processes and experiences and according to the research why are these changes important?
  3. What changes do you notice in your cognitive states and processes and according to the research why are these changes important regarding intrapersonal communication?
  4. Describe examples of how you are currently applying the information and what changes have you observed?
  5. Describe your goals and plans for applying the information from the intrapersonal communication course in the future. (Include in your discussion how these goals and plans will build strengths in a multicultural environment.
  6. How will you apply this information to prosocial behavior in your current workplace or future career to create a positive environment? What research supports these behaviors to be important?
  7. Within the concepts and terminology of intrapersonal communication list and describe your challenges and obstacles.
  8. Within the framework of intrapersonal communication theory what are your unanswered questions or areas where you question the validity of the information?

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Research papers on intrapersonal communication and examines how this form of communication centers on the person’s ability to master their internal use of language.

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