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Family Group Conferencing

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One of the most popular and adaptable programs of restorative justice is Family Group Conferencing (FGC). The roots of family group conferencing research come from the whanau conference tradition of the Maori. Maori culture is marked by strong extended family and kinship relationships, and whanau conferences had been used for centuries to deal with their own youth. Research papers on Family Group Conferencing traces the passage of the Young Persons Act, which grew out of Maori dissatisfaction of the dominant, western-style juvenile justice system of New Zealand, which had increasingly stripped the tribe of responsibility for their youth.

Family Group Conferencing research papers show that these sociology based programs involve the victim and the offender in an extended conversation about the crime in question and its consequences. These programs additionally involve the following groups:

The reason so many different groups are involved is to demonstrate to the offender that many people care for him/her, and to instill in the offender a sense of accountability to the larger group. In family group conferencing, all parties must agree to the plan for reparation, which increases the commitment to a just solution. It is not used to determine guilt, but is used only after the offender admits guilt.

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Family Group Conferencing Research Papers

One of the most popular and adaptable programs of restorative justice is Family Group Conferencing (FGC). Research papers on family group counseling can be custom written from Paper Masters.

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