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Latino Academic Progress

Latino Academic Progress

Research Proposal for Latino Academic Progress Research Paper:

Paper Masters writers research on various sociological topics. Our writers often focus on one particular sector of society and then write proposals or thesis on that population. An interesting topic to chose for a thesis is the academic progress of Latinos in schools in the United States. What types of barriers do they experience? How does their culture interplay with school objectives? There are many aspects that can be studied in Latino studies. Have our writers clarify your topic by providing a custom example of exactly what you need.

How to set up a Research Proposal or Paper on Latino Academic Progress

  1. Includes a brief statement of a research question: How does home environment, including language and culture, affect the academic progress of students in middle school from a Latino background?
  2. Address its rationale (why is it important and interesting to the writer and others)
  3. Introduce the question
  4. Include 4-5 sub questions, such as:
    • Q1: How does home environment, including language and culture, affect the academic progress of students in middle school from a Latino background?

    In order to answer this question, a number of specific variables will need to be investigated. These include:

    • Q2: What defines Latino culture in the home? In other words, what specific traits are common in the Latino home that are not present in Caucasian homes?
    • Q3: What are the specific academic challenges that face Latinos in a given school population when compared with Caucasian students? In short, what academic deficiencies are present?
    • Q4: What relationship can be established between the home and academic environment of the Latino student? In what ways does the home environment support or weaken what is taught in the classroom? How does this compare with Caucasian students?
  5. Discuss one or two of the implications of the question regarding Latino Academic Progress (who would be impacted or informed from the results of the research?)

Research Plan for Latino Academic Progress Research Paper:

  1. Details how the writer plans to explore and investigate the research question.
  2. Introduce the Methodology section with a paragraph stating which three data-gathering methods to be used to answer the research question.
  3. Add an anticipated data analysis section to the methodology section.
  4. Identify the participants to be included in the research.
    The town/city and information about it ).
  5. Generally, indicate which groups will be included in your research.
  6. Include a Procedures section in which you in describe how you will obtain consent from the principal, superintendent, teachers, students/parents, staff, etc. (permission slips, etc.) Include any unusual circumstancesor anticipated difficulties you might have with this (anxious parents, language barriers, etc.)
  7. Identify in separate side headings each of the three methods you will use to gather data.
  8. In each method, include: who and how many will participate in this method; how you'll contact them; how you'll obtain consent; if interviewing, where and when will you interview them, for how long, sample questions; if sending out a questionnaire, when will you distribute, how, sample questions, how long and in what format, how long do they have to complete them, how do they return them to you; if conducting an observation, when, for how long and for how many visits, describe the classroom/ or area to be observed, will you videotape or audiotape, what will you be looking for. For all of the methods, include what you are seeking.
  9. Identify the possible implications of your research that you see for educational practice in an Implications section.
  10. The order of the paper is:
    1. Introduction
    2. Literature review
    3. Methodology
    4. Results to date
    5. Implications
    6. References

With the realization that Latino students are twice as likely as their Caucasian counterparts to drop out of high school, and further that by the year 2020, the number of Latino students will eclipse that of African American and Asian American students combined, there is a clear impetus to discern what specific factors contribute to the success and failure of Latino students in the public education system.

The questions proposed above for your research have critical implications for understanding the needs of the Latino population and making advances toward improving the quality of education that is provided to these students. High dropout rates couple with growing Latino populations make understanding this challenge to education an academic and social imperative. If educators can better meet the needs of this population, the overall efficacy of the public school system can be improved, potentially saving a generation of at-risk students from falling through the cracks in the educational system.

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Latino Academic Progress Research Papers

Latino Academic Progress Research Papers reveal the sociological barriers that Latinos may encounter in academic settings, including language and cultural affects on their academic progress.

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