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How Society Depicts Arabs As Terrorists

How Society Depicts Arabs as Terrorists

An interesting research paper topic for a sociology course is an examination of how society depicts Arabs as terrorists.

Here is how Paper Masters suggests researching or writing a paper on "How society depicts Arabs as terrorists". In the introduction, discuss the construct of racialization within different groups and how society sees those groups. Then narrow in on Arabs as terrorists (was really set off after 911, discuss 911). Also, may discuss Barack Obama if this fits in the paper. There needs to be scholarly sources, such as: Journal of Mundane Behaviour: Not in my Backyard by Kelly Amanda Train.

Write a sociological paper that is analytical and critical. It is imperative to note that the writing of a sociological paper requires the primary use of scholarly sociological sources, such as sociological scholarly journals, sociological books and sociological edited collections. Scholarly sources do not include newspaper articles, magazine, dictionary references, non scholarly websites, etc.

Content: adequately address the topic of How Society Depicts Arabs as Terrorists with an emphasis on sociology, and critical analysis that considers the strengths and weaknesses of the research sources in light of the paper's main research argument. Avoid relying too heavily on summarizing and/or describing your research sources, or simply describing the problem. Must engage the sources and critically apply them to your argument (i.e. thesis). Paper should emphasize HOW this social phenomenon becomes normalized in our society. In other words, you need to examine the social process by which this phenomenon occurs and is legitimated in our society as normative (in North America, mostly).

Clarity of Argument: focus, direction and logical organization and integration of ideas in a well structured argument.

Structure and Organization: How Society Depicts Arabs as Terrorists Research Paper should include the following components:

  1. Introduction: clearly stating thesis/research argument and the specified points you will be arguing in the paper.
  2. Body of paper: where you develop your argument with support from your reference sources.
  3. Links main ideas together.

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How Society Depicts Arabs As Terrorists Research Papers

How Society Depicts Arabs as Terrorists Research Paper delves into a sample of a paper ordered on what made Americans attitude change on Arabs.

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