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Bilingualism Research Paper Requirements:
Here are the instructions and what the paper must contain

  • The paper has to be well organized and structured, divided into three sections, an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Coherent, logical, argumentative and informative
  • Impersonal
  • The references/sources used can NOT be taken from the internet USE BOOKS, the only article that has to be used is Lee's article.
  • Do NOT use ' or ", try not to use quotations.
  • Formal writing therefore the paper can not contain "can't - didn't - it's" it has to be fully written (no contractions).
  • Try to use "simple" language, no need to go overboard with too many extravagant words.
    • Colloquialisms
    • Contractions
    • Chatty/personalized modes of expression
    • Ambiguity
    • Repetition
    • Inconsistency
    • Unqualified statements
    • Circumlocution
    • Errors

Introduction for Bilingualism

  1. The introduction contains an intro of bilingualism and the three different family types that will be interviewed and later incorporated into the main body of the paper :
    • family 1: both parents immigrants,
    • family 2: only one parent immigrant=therefore bilingualism chosen
    • family 3: adopted at age 3 ½, therefore new language forced upon the child (why only the new language and not have both??)

I will do the interviews and send it to you as soon as I have done them


  1. The argument of the paper: the choices and their arguments that a bilingual family has = has to be the red thread running through the essay.
  2. Introduction: set the scene, why is this interesting, aims/research questions
  3. Approx 1 page long

Main Body for Bilingualism Research Paper:

  • Here you answer the argument. Look at all the sides. Remember to be objective and use "simple" words and sentences.
  • Each interview has to be written to a small sum up!! and after all three have been presented a discussion of the differences and similarities has to be done.(challenges and advantages)
  • Remember to use footnotes!
    Also use footnotes for information that is not strictly relevant to the main argument but important to be included. Eg. Blinkhorn, M. 1994. Mussolini and fascist Italy, pp.16.
    Typical Norwegian papers usually contain at least 3, or more footnotes per. page especially in this type of paper where there is a lot of facts written. So please try to remember to use footnotes every time a fact appears e.g. a date, an action etc.

Conclusion for Bilingualism Research Paper:

  • A small recap of the bits in the main body that has brought you to your conclusion (remember no personal opinion)
  • If there is no certain answer tell the reader why.
  • Approx 1 page

Bibliography for Bilingualism Research Paper:
• At the end you should provide a complete alphabetical bibliography/works cited list of the works you have consulted, including author, year of publication, title and publisher.

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