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Abortion is one of the most controversial issues facing modern society, with citizens divided between pro-life versus pro-choice sides.Pro-life term papers illustrate that in the conservative, pro-life view, the unborn child has rights, just like the mother. They contend that once a child is conceived, life is present and to have an abortion is to kill the fetus, which amounts to murder, for some anti-abortion activists. From their perspective, they are protecting the lives of unborn children from a cruel, murderous procedure.

Pro-life advocates view abortion as murder, for they believe the unborn baby is a person. The pro-choice advocates claim the fetus has no rights to protect because it isn't fully human. They go on to argue that by expecting a pregnant woman to carry the fetus violates her rights, for she should have the freedom to have say over her own body and therefore is entitled to have the pregnancy terminated for any reason she wishes. Pro-life advocates also insist the fetus is a human, living child with rights and freedoms, one of which is the freedom of life. Once the egg is fertilized it becomes something not of its mother's body but a new being. The new life has been formed and deserves the chance to survive. James T. Burtchaell, who pens in his book Rachel weeping: The case Against Abortion; "There is no abortion that is not the unjust taking of another's life."Pro-life advocates make the point that to kill an unborn child takes away its right to life in spite of the feelings or condition of the mother.

Pro-life advocates point to the fact that Mother Teresa, famous for her wisdom, love and devotion once said: "Abortion is a crime that kills not only the child but the conscience of all involved." Mother Teresa foresees the results of such blatant immorality. By legalizing such acts of murder opens anyone who partakes or tolerates abortion to the decadence of immorality and a lack of ethics.

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Pro-Life research papers focus on the issues that conservative, right to life supporters hold. A research paper thesis is an important part of the research paper and research paper writing process.

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