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Socioeconomic Status and Health

Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between socioeconomic factors and overall health. In fact there is also a link between socioeconomic factors and obesity. People who are economically disadvantaged tend to eat out more at fast food restaurants because they are cheaper than other healthier options. They also tend to eat more processed foods and junk food because they are affordable than fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables. These eating patterns contribute to the increased risk of heart disease and diabetes among the poor.

Socioeconomic Status and Health

Sleep is also important to overall health. Decreased sleep can lead to a weakened immune system, increase in weight, and possibility of getting diabetes and heart disease. Many people who work blue-collar jobs are required to work night shifts or even swing shifts. This lack of sleep can cause serious damage if it continues over a long period of time. People with white collar or professional jobs who have steady work hours tend to get more sleep, and in turn have less sleep related illnesses.

Finally, medical care is more readily available to people who are more economically advantaged. Affluence allows people to have preventative screenings, diagnostic tests, and treatments. People who are economically disadvantaged usually do not have the same access to health care because they are unable to afford insurance premiums. In many cases they can’t even afford basic preventative care like taking daily vitamins.

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