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The Social Construction of Gender

A research paper on the book The Social Construction of Gender by Judith Lorber examines what defines gender in our society today and how gender influences social structure. Paper Masters suggests you focus on the following topics when using this book to enhance your sociology paper or essay on gender studies:

  • Socialization and the Social constructs of gender
  • Gender and families
  • Social construction of gender relationships
  • Paradoxes of gender

The research paper illustrates that the book denies any relevance of human social structure to animal social structure and instead focuses on various societies and their interpretation of gender. Job segregation and gender-bias are prolific in our society and a research paper on the social construction of gender argues that this begins from the day we are born and carries on throughout every aspect of life. The Social Construction of GenderFor example, when a baby is born with the intersex condition, gender assigning is encouraged rapidly. Therefore, a research paper on the social construction of gender is making the points that gender is not established by natural biological tendencies but by acquiring the ideals of one sex over the other.

Certainly gender-bias exists and a research paper on the social construction of gender is correct in the assertion of the prolific nature of the problem. However, the bold assertions are defensive and imply that the ideas of gender in our society are self-perpetuated by each generation’s choice.  A research paper on the social construction of gender asserts this directly in the end of the book The Social Construction of Gender when it asserts that sociologically, gender is set up to reinforce male privilege and female social inequality. The point that a paper on the social construction of gender is trying to make is that society is set up for the purpose maintain gender inequality. I don’t exactly believe that. I believe society is a product of each individual’s beliefs and the collective majority of beliefs establish norms. The goals of the collective majority are not to deliberately reign over one gender or the other but rather the inequality found in society is a result, or a byproduct of the collective system.

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