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Methodology for a Research Paper in Social Work

This is the format of a Social Work Methodology section for a Research Paper needs to written in a very specific format. Paper Masters will help you write your methodology section on any topic in sociology that you need data collected on.

Part A is the general outline of the proposal. Part B is kind of filling in the blanks to part A.

Part A of Social Work Career Methodology Research Paper:
A mini-proposal of your social work research project will consist of the following components:

  1. IntroductionSocial Work Career Methodology
  2. Research question
  3. Methods
    • Study Design
    • Sampling Plan
    • Measures
    • Data Collection Plan

Part B of Social Work Career Methodology Research Paper:

  1. Introduction - A paragraph or 2 mentioning the Literature Review that was done in assignment #1.
  2. Research Question - What factors are associated with social work as a career choice?

Methods for Social Work Career Methodology Research Paper:

  1. Study Design - The writer should state that this is an associational study using a survey. This part of the paper should discuss what an associational study is etc. I will supply the writer with the survey that will be used.
  2. Sampling Plan - This sampling plan is going to be convenient, non random, accidental for the purpose of this mini proposal. The writer should talk about the different types of sampling-advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Measurement - Writer should discuss the questionnaire. What can you say about the survey from a researcher’s perspective? Summarize each section of the questionnaire eg. The fist section of the questionnaire is focusing on open-ended questions to find out the reason why people chose social work as a career.
  4. Instrument – Although this is not included in the components of the mini proposal the writer needs to give credit to the person who made up the survey being used.
  5. Data Collection Plan - The instrument is the questionnaire. Each class member will take 3 of the questionnaires (surveys) and hand them out on campus to 3 MSW students. The students giving out the questionnaires will go over informed consent and without identifying the student’s information who is doing the questionnaire will require that it be completed in front of them. All surveys will be put into an envelope and bought back to class where the professor will shuffle the questionnaires together for confidentiality of the subject….

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